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Clinton Samples the Inequality of Equality

Chelsea Clinton’s cover appearance on the May issue of Elle settles it; the Clinton Fantasy Machine is in churn-n-burn mode. Complete with the classic clintonesque non-sequitur, the former first daughter peevishly demonstrates the she’s teaming well with this prolific spawning-machine of terminal division; “since when did 20 percent become the definition of equality?”

This is yet another seedling looking to take root in the toxic soil where baiting the public conscience with yet another false premise divides and draws the public into a baseless, completely fabricated, argument. In a mindset that crafts the notion of equality and defines the same by whatever distortion a social accommodation can provide is itself both a non-sequitur and a false premise or, simply, an outright lie.

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Pro-Testation’s of a Different Order

Not seen yet as a Villain, he’s welcomed unopposed;
Pleasing to the Eager who bend to all proposed.

Points of order, shaped and contoured;
Not to bother with the methods, rightful shares has been assured.

So liberally sought again-again and still have none opposed;
Distance grows ‘twixt will and naught, probity’s deposed.

Scarcity of futures from options laid to fallow;
The Eager and the Silent-while-they-plunder, form as fates allow.

Having seen their day of purpose, virtues seeds no longer sowed;
Still the chanting Masses gather fore, a claim they’re not owed.

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