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Trump Meeting with Putin: A strategy!

Putin will meet Trump, but not before having spent hours reading thru various briefs, psychological profiles. He will enter the meeting believing he has Trumps number and the key to molding Trump is to feed off of their perceptions that Trumps greatest weakness is his insatiable need to feed his ego; a great mistake. This type of “carrot” doesn’t work with Donald Trump and for one simple reason; despite what you may think he doesn’t think of himself as an Alpha Male.

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The President’s Speech to the People of Poland

If you’ve not had the chance to listen to President Trump’s speech I’ve attached a link to the full text of the same. I heartily recommend you take a few moments a read, and then read again, his words. We’d welcome your thoughts!


Curtis C. Greco, Founder

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Trump: Bait’n Tweet!

While many view Trump’s use of Twitter as a loathsome tool of demagoguery in actuality he’s managed to accomplish something quite remarkable. In an era of 24/7 news cycle the media has mostly used Twitter as a mining source for feeding their compulsive demand for content; Trump, on the other hand, has used it as a trap.

Trump understood that despite his persona, wealth and notoriety he was a political outsider and that as President he would face near-continuous opposition from the monumental structure of the political elite. On the surface the play-nice-among-friends routine appears quite nauseating however, outside the specter of public view, the process is quite vicious.

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Comey-The Paralysis of Truth!

Setting aside for the moment that President Trump ignores the anemic and self-serving protocols of the predatory government bureaucracy and that his doing so allows the public to observe just how comprehensively corrupt the system is, the fact remains that regardless of which support-group one might favor it should be clear, by now, the Former FBI Director is the poster-child for the politically-corrupt second only to Messrs. McCain, Graham, Schiff and Schumer. A couple of key points, in no particular order, in support of my observation:

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U.S.: Pull the Plug!

Since his inauguration, the President and his Administration have faced a chronic level of collateral distractions; Russia, Syria, Iraq, China and N. Korea in addition to the “black” and meddlesome temptations of interests who hide behind the faces of politico such as Senators McCain, Graham and Schumer.

Few can deny that the cross-purpose fray of perpetual war has been quite profitable for these interests while the stripped-bare carcass of Middle-Class America proves with devastating clarity a universal rule which applies equally to the Individual as it does to Government: You can’t serve two masters.

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