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Eye on the Ball!

As a study in contrasts,  I find Dr. Krugman a rich source and I enjoy contributing to his dialogue.  Recently he published an article titled “Wall Street Damage Control”  to which I commented.  It appears to have been well received. My regular readers might find the comments of interest. They are reproduced and appeared as follows:

The Presidents comments indicate, at best, both ignorance and detachment.   Ignorance of the Wall Street maize of machinations and detachment from the stark realities of U.S. social dynamics.  

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Dr. Krugman (NYT Columist) authored an article on February 8th entitled  “Europerspective  ”, an interesting piece in as much as it nicely illustrates one perspective that is often proffered as in the Centrist-Liberal “FEI” whose greatest contribution is its illustrating how distructive these perspectives truly are.  The following is my contribution to Dr. Krugman’s comentary, I trust you will find it interesting.

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Obama House

Years ago I was working on a research project for a firm I was working with at the time. The project had to do with tax legislation that had passed and I was one of a group working on what is known as a “technical correction” which is the process whereby newly enacted tax law is reviewed and compared with existing tax law identifying conflicts so that they can be, well, corrected.  I recall reading through hundreds of pages looking for anomalies and “marking up” line after line and at one point I was summoned by the lead person of the group who looked at what I was doing and said, “Gee wiz Curtis,  we’re supposed to look for corrections no re-write the entire tax code!” To which I replied, “Yes I know but this is such a mess and with each section I find what seems to be a near endless series of contradiction. I can’t quite figure out were to stop!” 

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Scott Brown – Nosing the Obama Base

The events of the day (1/21/10) illustrate a systemic failure and a mistrust of our entire financial system.  It also indicates the extent to which the Obama Administration will go in their attempt at regaining the momentum lost by the success of Massachusetts election of Scott Brown. Obama is simply “Scott Brown Nosing his Base.” Politics,  pure and simple.  Still,… 

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The March to Economic Oblivion

“Timeliness is a revelation inspired by Grace; providing the suspended mind with both a compass and a lamp….Untimely is consequence occurring from having ignored the presence of light!”

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