The Altered States of Outcome

Everyone has hopes and wishes, some passing fancies, some rise to the sincere while others fade with time; the remains are those you work for and bring to life thru pure effort and force of will. Then, on the other hand, there are those which take on an entirely different caricature illustrated with and accompanied by the attributes of expectancy, the notion of inevitability, of certainty, of entitlement. An entirely different level of anointed outcome and one which, at this moment as we consider the various smearing-by-innuendo taking place in Washington, has no intention of giving way its privilege.

Bleak, mindless and seemingly pointless as it is there is a reason for it. Hillary Clinton was to be the next POTUS and that is a confirmed fact. Everything from bow-to-stern of the political bureaucracy was staged for that inevitability all the while attended by the in-place horde of locusts fully prepared and set to crown Hillary and then moving on with the next evolution by conscript or proclamation.

But, along came Trump who, for every reason believed to make him an impossibility became, in part, the very reason for why he won. Had Clinton won then covering for the integrated efforts intended to secure her win would not be necessary and like the fly caught in the grasp of a Venus Flytrap the trail becomes a mere vapor expressed like all the other off-gassing of political vice.

As a sidebar, it is particularly interesting to note that even with all of the rhetoric over the last 9 plus months there remains no trace of evidence that Trump or his associates meddled or colluded with Russia, not even by Michael Flynn. We also know that the leaked information, at last count twelve separate tidbits, all came from intercepts, whether sourced by the FBI directly or by the NSA. Yet, not a one identified culpability, but were none-the-less leaked despite the various prohibitions in place to prevent such an occurrence.

Having predicted (8/16) this entire affair, even before Trump was elected, I continue to be intrigued by how easily and willing the depraved Politicos cannibalize the very system that allows it to exist; not at all dissimilar to the best (worst) of the crazed Romans of Caligula’s era. I’ll rest my thoughts, for the time being, on the following:

It’s not so much that Trump won as it is that he is a potential and likely threat to the very forces, each with their own interests, who assured (so they thought) a Clinton victory. And who understand how and with very little effort by Trump, perhaps as simple as a review of the Clinton Email case or perhaps a cursory review of the Clinton Global Initiative’s funding sources etc., can trigger a run on the Justice Department, by the hundreds, of those looking to spill their guts in exchange for immunity.

Characters such as Lyndsey Graham and John McCain could also be at great risk as well, which explains their pagan regard for Trump, particularly if it were uncovered that Messrs. Graham & McCain (both of whom sit on the Armed Services Committee) had something to do with the deadly blunderings in Libya (more on this some other time).

The Interests behind the plan to sideline Trumps Presidency, at least until the mid-term elections when it is believed that the Dems can regain control of the Senate and/or the House, is a far more powerful force than most comprehend. Given Comey’s testimony regarding former A.G. Lynch and his own admission of being a “leak” source it is possible that the Dems will turn away from the “Trump Collusion” talking-point and focus specifically on Russia.

What remains then is the scope and trajectory of former FBI Chief Robert Mueller, who I fully expect to turn hard on the issue of Obstruction – a dead end for certain – until he finds someone, we know not who, having done something, we know not what, that they can use to affirm the full, faithful and resolute success of these investigations.

If I were to advise A.G. Sessions I would heartily suggest that they take a very close look at the Clinton Global Initiative and make sure that everyone knows about it. Second, I would go back and take a look at the Clinton Email Scheme and its connection with CGI as I’m certain there’s an abundance of dry-powder waiting for the trigger of exposure to ignite a free-fall. We’ll just have to wait and see if Public sentiment will drive the issue further.

Curtis C. Greco, Founder

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