The Opiate of Dystopia

The public, generally, has been hopelessly trapped by a bureaucracy of thinking; a series of false premise simulating reality. While these illusions, more and more, seem to be propagating in direct proportion to the weakness of mind and the public’s willingness to progressively re-orientate their thinking in an order that will accept them.

This bizarre form of thinking would challenge a victim of a home invasion by suggesting that the offense would not have occurred had the person removed the doors from their home. Or, using the historical defense reference which would proffer that it has only been since the advent of enclosed structures (homes) that home incursions have occurred and thus it is the fault of humans who choose to live indoors.

There is also the Compassionate-Human or We’ve Always Been a Nation of Immigrants buffet-of-reasoning’s both of which attempt to prove a false narrative by reshuffling a historical event or condition thru the litmus-test of a contemporary issue or effect. Then of course there is my favorite of all, the perverse logic that endorses dystopian despair. This thinking would suggest that a murderer not be held to account for their actions since it wasn’t their fault that the only gun they had at their disposal just happened to be loaded and thus we need only to remove all semblance of individual sovereignty to forever evade the advent of consequence.

The President himself is trapped, most unfortunately for the planet, in a most dangerous form of simulation. Repeatedly he can be heard defending his actions (or lack thereof) with a most malignant form of reasoning particularly on the occasion where he states “…if they have a better plan then they should present it.” The reasoning excuses failure by suggesting that had someone other than he had acted the objection would not have occurred. The problem with this line of thinking, in its most authentic form, heralds two deeply troubling routines and one defiantly ruthless fault:

(1) Failures do not occur without execution.

(2) Success is more likely to occur when, first, one is willing to set aside the bias that obstructs their thinking.

(3) A Leader’s most critical duty is to rally consensus around a successful strategy drawing upon resources relevant and at their disposal with the specific goal of achieving it and certainly NOT to defend their reasons for avoiding a formative strategy or its success.

The current complexion of the global matrix is in quite a state. Suffering, simultaneously, by decades of rabid plundering licensed by political-wagering administered by a theology that promises opportunity thru manufactured-crisis.

Unfortunately the public has been educated to discount the obvious cause (the ever-present “conspiracy-theory”) favoring instead the manufactured-premise that force-feeds them a convenient villain. In the end the key point to consider is this: there is no shortage of viable options, only the leadership required to compose their appropriate order.

Curtis C. Greco, Founder

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