TIMF E-op No: 1 – The Political Economy

“TIMF E-op” is a bi-weekly series the purpose of which is to hi-light what we believe to be strategic components integral to a national economic reformation. We hope that you will find them of interest and give you great cause for expressing your influence by passing them along. 

For our first entry in this new Series I ask that folks read a recent article which can be found on The Imperfect Messenger Foundations primary website. The title of the article is The U.S. Economic Divide and its value lies in driving home the following point: What the media and the government tell you, or speak to when discussing the subject of the U.S. Economy, is only a series of half-truths; what you are enduring is the result of a mythological notion of global compartmentalization the purpose of which is to extract maximum profit thru maximum control, globally, by way of the political process. It is, by its very nature, a totalitarian regime of thought that is decidedly incongruent with Individual Liberty, Personal Freedom and the fundamental ingredients of a vibrant economic system.  

It is also important to understand that there is, no longer, an active free-market economic process occurring in the U.S. and despite what you may think about the term Capitalism or its euphemism, Free-Market Economics, or the purer form equally misunderstood and known as Laissez Faire Economics, these terms are not interchangeable; Capitalism is the outcome of Free-Market Economics overrun by selective interests who articulate there bias by way of government decree or what I refer to as Corrosive-Legislation. Further, understand that Selective Interests (a.k.a., Capitalists) fear open competition and the perfecting nature of Free-Market Economics and for one very simple reason: They would then be subject to the burden of durable and faithful performance which is the organic threshold of success and the mechanism for filtering failure or abuse out of the system.  

Far too often Americans argue with one another over well-crafted illusions when what they should be doing is hunting down their source and removing them. Case in point: Many seem to believe that the Financial System has gone feral because of de-regulation and yet if we look closely we discover this to be a false-premise. The premise is not unlike making the claim that so long as a law does not prohibit a certain action then said action must then be legal or, the more extreme version which suggests that all actions are illegal save for those that are made legal by decree. Clearly no sound or right thinking person would find these two positions sustainable and yet this fluid and malleable logic is tolerated and for this reason become the core element by which chaos becomes the norm. The specific indicator of this observation occurring as stated is observed in the passage of what is known as the Dodd-Frank Act which, in effect, simply made legal acts that formerly would have been barred under the Glass-Steagall Act and are now camouflaged under the dubiously named Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act; the illusion’s now complete. 

Recommended Action: Ban money in politics at every level and this includes Lobbyists. Unless and until this specific action occurs and the portal thru which Selective-Interest gain access to the legislative process is slammed shut then every recommendation that follows throughout this entire Series will be meaningless. Because of the nature of this type of Action it will have to occur by way of a Constitutional Amendment otherwise, as we can see from the Supreme Court’s decision which licensed Super-Pacs (FEC vs. Citizens United), these so-called Interests will continue to hide behind the self-fabricated entitlement oft referred to as Political Discretion.        

Curtis C. Greco, Founder

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