Wire Tapping & The Gift of Plausible Deniability

As the Swamp continues the plugging of its own drain, the acrid plume expands, all the while the gift of plausible deniability keeps you from facing the fact that what is occurring bears no resemblance to what you’re being told.

No biopsy is required, no suppositions are too far afield as the swamp is indeed a self-generating sewer managing the toxic migration of sewage. This entire affair gives an entirely new perspective on what has long been claimed to be a coincidental event; Bill Clinton’s Arizona tarmac-tea with then Obama AG Lynch.

Let’s face the facts, if Obama or Clinton’s microbes had found something, anything, about a Trump-Russia/Putin link it would have made front page news; end of story. The truth is the story was never intended to end with a summary “there’s no there, there” conclusion, but more so as a place-holder for what would follow; an anchor from which the remnants of the lingering trail of hoped-for mayhem was to sprout a conversation. One which makes unsubstantiated pronouncements of certain-possible associations which the opposition and media would happily fan and the Obama Administration post-election activities prove it.

Frankly, and be clear on this point, there is far more damaging information on Clinton’s link with the Putin clan, but let’s not let facts permit a mitigation of these faux claims targeting Trump. Make no mistake, Trump knew this battle would wage, but even he didn’t anticipate the depths of subversion that would emerge from a front who staunchly acclaim their regard for constitutional virtues and yet only so far as these virtues run interference for their slithering agenda.

It may be the case that the People of this country have adopted the secular agenda to such a degree that they are no longer able to detect this massive deception they are now made subject to. The secular agenda that has removed, as a response, the attributes of moral-outrage – the ultimate and most critical component of civic order – which would otherwise be the appropriate response to this most contemptible behavior and the division we observe is its own testimony.

Allegiance to Trump isn’t a requirement for recognizing the deception or to appreciate the monumental task he faces however, if one is even remotely in command of so much as a microscopic-tethering to the Ideals upon which the best promises of this Nation reside then you’d better come to grips with the reality that IS and not the one you’ve presumed to be.

You must be willing to express your posture in the only way that matters; fighting for the Ideal and vigorously opposing the Illusion. If you think for one moment that the elected crop of congressional misfits will do it for you, that somehow they are tethered to their primary duty of defending and protecting your Constitution then you’d best, and rather quickly, think again! In the end, you are either making a difference or you become subjected to another’s indifference.

Curtis C. Greco, Founder

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