Absent Belief & The Trajectory of Ambivalence

A reoccurring theme in queries of our research and position statements is “how did you arrive at this outcome?” My standard answer is simply that it is “70 percent a function of current and historical data trend and what I think of as the ‘kinetic trajectory of biased forces’ while the remaining 30 percent relates to our considering the likelihood of the unknown anomaly occurring.”

The reality is that some thing will occur as kinetic forces will drive-thru an outcome. While many might think that doing nothing forestalls a result this is patently not so as DOING nothing is a contributing component of kinetic forces in opposition to ones pathology of ambivalence or passivity; yours or theirs. Ambivalence is a function of absent belief which, I think we can all agree, endorses the notion of doing nothing.

The challenge for the American public, who willingly acknowledges that their Government is completely out-of-control, is that it has become divided into 3 primary segments: Apathetic-Ambivalence, Impulse-Driven Activism or the Agitated-Fractured. The first simply doesn’t care to care, the second is the vocal-minority while the third, typically the most durable and generally favorable as to common Ideal, remains the most undisciplined.

The trajectory of this nation has long been ruled by the Impulse-Driven Activist whose only allegiance is to the impulse-driven outcome; they want what they want, are unconcerned as to how they muster their rewards and unless they are stopped the pillaging will continue. What’s left, in this outcome, is merely a paper-thin shell that, with the silent whisper of a gentle puff, will simply flutter away.

Curtis C. Greco, Founder

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