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Eye on the Ball!

As a study in contrasts,  I find Dr. Krugman a rich source and I enjoy contributing to his dialogue.  Recently he published an article titled “Wall Street Damage Control”  to which I commented.  It appears to have been well received. My regular readers might find the comments of interest. They are reproduced and appeared as follows:

The Presidents comments indicate, at best, both ignorance and detachment.   Ignorance of the Wall Street maize of machinations and detachment from the stark realities of U.S. social dynamics.  

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Tea Party: The Next Great Conquest! Part II

The miss-reading of the American Political Tide, as its torment grows, is to believe that American’s are Centrists and that some how those who do not align with the political caste system of Democrat or Republican are defined as or become “middle of the road” as to their political will and of course, nothing can be further from the truth! No, these People “swing” as they do only because they attempt to align themselves more toward “the possibility of representation” largely because they know that there is no true choice as an alternative. They are, in fact, in search of representation. How many times have you found yourself or heard of another saying, “…I’m selecting the lesser of two evils?”  As I ponder this resolution, I must say I find it to be the most reprehensible aspect of American Political Realities!  

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Tea Party: The Next Great Conquest! Part 1

Since the time of the Reagan administration, I’ve closely studied the sociological and physiological processes of Party Politics (the “System”) specifically, the dynamics of Election Politics and the manner in which the System interpret, to their advantage, Public Mood Swings.  

This is by no means a scientific analysis or a premise supported by a manufactured and deliberately orchestrated support system, but more so an organic observation of the tactile response, by the Public, to their native and intuitive senses.  In other words, how and in what way the publics political response, to a perception of Governments intrusion upon their broadest possible definition(s) of Freedom, is interpreted and manipulated by the Political Organism for the express purposes of preserving its reign.   

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Dr. Krugman (NYT Columist) authored an article on February 8th entitled  “Europerspective  ”, an interesting piece in as much as it nicely illustrates one perspective that is often proffered as in the Centrist-Liberal “FEI” whose greatest contribution is its illustrating how distructive these perspectives truly are.  The following is my contribution to Dr. Krugman’s comentary, I trust you will find it interesting.

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Iran – Financial Policy of Crisis

Regimes possessing global ambitions love a crisis. The process creates a vacuum whereby quiet intensions may articulate an advantage under the cover of chaos. Throughout history this method is frequently a diversionary tactic often observed in the “Trojan Horse” or “Divide and Conquer” metaphors. 

Not intending the notion of a history exam however the idea does offer a measure of value to exhibit how advantage can be gained from a crisis or how, in the case of a “manufactured crisis”, advantage can be assured.   Take for instance the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand (and his wife Sophia) in 1914.  A tragic moment in time to be sure but on its own, it would seem insignificant as a cause sufficient to trigger what history now refers to as World War I.  What is significant however is that this single incident marks a specific point in time were a series of events which followed find their “cover”.  

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