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Privacy in a Marketplace of Invasion

The argument in defense of Government canvasing the public, not unlike the Commerce of Business, continues to build upon the calculated dismantling of key Amendments contained within the Bill of Rights.

Shaping the offensive argument based on the premise of a Need to Know is an anathema to fundamental rights of the Sovereign Individual; after all, what possible check on the abuse of power is possible in the face of so comprehensive a self-prescribed mandate as this?

Rarely discussed and often ignored is the 9th Amendment;

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You Have to Want to Know

Behind the Scenes 

Many expected the G8 Summit (held in Ireland this past June) to be a relatively unremarkable event and by enlarge it was. Although, from a foreign policy perspective, the policy battle (U.S. vs Russia/China) over competing interests is no secret unless of course you rely on Western Media as a data source and while Vladimir Putin did his best to set the Russian-record straight tracing a reliable reporting source remains nearly impossible, at least until now. More on this in a moment. 

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