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The Fiat Economy of Real Estate

I’m growing weary of reading articles and or listening to various media commentaries on the Real Estate economy. So-called “experts” that clearly have absolutely no concept of the mechanism which control this segment of the U.S. Economy. Even more distressing is listening to the miscellaneous ramblings of various elected officials who express heart-felt concerns over the thickening dread of the American People whilst at the same time crafting legislation that is emblematic of the very cause that lies at the root of the problem.

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The Real in Real Estate

October 18, 2009 

In my upcoming Book, “Blind Vision”, I discuss the root cause of the financial chaos that is taking place in this Country. The topic, unfortunately, though rich in the systemic realities, time and space (and a reader’s attention span) simply do not allow for a detailed scope as to the extent of the problem and why, at this point, we are only seeing a glimmer of what is yet to come.  Still,  when taken as a body of work, I truly do believe you will be the richer for it and so will our Country. 

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You Be Clunker

June 19, 2009 

 Well the never ending march unto oblivion continues with the latest appendage:  Cash for Clunkers!  Another Federal Stimulus package orchestrated by Global Finance at the expense of U.S. Sovereignty,  The Peoples Purse Strings and Sound Concepts of Fiscal Discipline! 

The idea is also yet another example of how detached we’ve become to the idea of our fiduciary duty to honor one another sacred rights. 

Oh yes, this program is far too much of a blunder to not pass and the predictable “taking sides” will insure its passage, regardless of the Cost. However, the key point to observe will be these: 

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What I Look For

Among the many facets of the Real Estate Profession the one I enjoy the most is the People I’m privileged to represent.   For some reason, I’ve been blessed with an exceptional Client base that is as diverse as it is captivating!

As a Realtor,  I spend a great deal of time with Clients and get to know them,  ultimately,  on very intimate levels particularly those I represent in the “Buying” process.

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Market to the Market

I,  like many Realtors,  find myself in a market environment that creates a great deal of anxiety for our Clients,  particularly our Listing (Seller) Clients.   I spend a great deal of focused energy reviewing and updated our individualize marketing campaigns to be sure that no only are we doing the necessary steps but more so,  are we hitting our target market!

I’ve been in the Real Estate Profession long enough to know some critical “do’s and don’ts”  however one area that I’ve become keenly aware of is what I call “Market to the Market”! More on that in a moment!

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