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Israel, the Risk Obama Ignored:

Israel Reminds the World of the Risk the Obama Administration Chose to Ignore! It is absolutely the case that Iran had long ago dedicated its resources toward the development and deployment of nuclear-tipped ballistic missile capabilities. Most conspicuously in 2003 and 2004, while Rouhani was Iran’s Chief Negotiator, he acknowledged that they’d perfected the process for creating weapons grade material and well before the signing of the Nuclear Deal the Iranians had demonstrated their ability to move along and through the various processes necessary to produce a deliverable device. What remains true, as it was at the inception of the Nuclear Deal as it remains now, is that Iran continues to be weapons-capable, only now they are able to refine the ballistic delivery system openly and with funding provided by the U.S. and Russia has successfully used both the stupidity and hubris of Obama and Clinton-Kerry to leverage their relationship with China to their optimal advantage.

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Korean Peninsula: A Medley of Divided Interests-Not So Fast

U.S. will need to reestablish a broader military presence to counter China’s increasingly belligerent tone. It’s not that China is a rogue or necessarily dangerous Country – any more than any other Totalitarian nuclear-powered state – it’s more so a function of polarity of culture that needs to be studied, understood and then countered.

On one hand the U.S. (west) will create fabulously imaginative scenarios to justify, compel or arouse a response that would garner support (by the American Public) for sending 200 thousand troops off into armed conflict and un-restrained assault. Meanwhile, the Chinese will send 750 thousand of their own off into armed conflict and have no reservations loosing every single one of them because in their mind there’s plenty more where they came from.

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