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Market to the Market

I,  like many Realtors,  find myself in a market environment that creates a great deal of anxiety for our Clients,  particularly our Listing (Seller) Clients.   I spend a great deal of focused energy reviewing and updated our individualize marketing campaigns to be sure that no only are we doing the necessary steps but more so,  are we hitting our target market!

I’ve been in the Real Estate Profession long enough to know some critical “do’s and don’ts”  however one area that I’ve become keenly aware of is what I call “Market to the Market”! More on that in a moment!

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The Heart of a Home

The other day I met with an Elderly Woman who was referred to me by another Client.  It was a very simple phone call,  not one – frankly – I routinely get (i.e., simply and short),  but welcomed none the less.

Her voice was soft and pure and she simply said,  “…Mr. Greco,  I understand you’re the person to talk to about my home and I wonder if you would care to make time available and visit with me at my home.  I’ve a few important matters I would like to review with you.”   Her voice was soothing and elegant in it’s inflection and delivery and I found my self  responding with a equally placid tone, “…why yes of course….”!

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