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An Econ-Policy Response to Wu-V

As the government works on its initial response to the Public’s economic exposure to Wu-V, forms of guaranteed income whether in the form of subsidized Fed/State unemployment insurance, forms of direct subsidies or even suspension of tax payments/withholding – none of which are novel as the Government has used (previously) these programs many times before, FDR made it regular depression-era routine – what concerns me most is the manner in which the government attends to the needs of Corporate Interests. I’m reminded of the trillions of dollars that went to bailout banks, various mortgage traunches, Corporate and Union Rescues and yet zero-to-none went to those most important to the economic engine of the nation; Middle Americans.

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Crazy Uncle Joe & Cousin Bernie!

Crazy Uncle Joe & Cousin Bernie! Following yet another verbal assault, by Joe Biden, on a civilian it occurs to me that Bernie might actually be forced to do something he never, in a million years, though he’d have to do; make a legitimate and deliberate run for the Presidency. The DNC and their faithful are likely experiencing night sweats over the thought of Joe Biden being unleashed to the public which, until recently, they’ve been able to manage an insulating factor by using the army of candidates whose own exploits have drawn airtime away from Joe.

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Wuhan; the Political Virus.

Few, I suspect, doubt that every effect has a cause and despite the fact that no one seems to understand that while the Coronavirus (CV) is directly attributed to Chicom malfeasance far fewer attribute its now pandemic status to something far more damaging, Viral Politics. Viral Politics, in this case, is the uncontrolled spiraling of Politically Induced Opportunism and its evidentiary patterns, though appearing in different color, the fact remains is that they all originate from the same palette.

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Post Buttigieg: the Morning After Rx!

I believe, for most, that it has become clear that nothing Mayor Pete, not unlike Col. Bernie Sanders, says or does pairs well with what either claim as their core value or political compass; passing fancies, whether in the form of political intrigue or social fusion, never succeed as popular referendum they do however -over time- weaken the public conscience and allegiance to whatever the originating bond might have been. It has been proven that the effective fracturing of the social contract, the “originating bond”, is the opening door for the elixirs of deception(s).

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