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Enabling Wartime Chaos; Russia’s Pairing with China

I’ve written extensively on the subject of asymmetrical warfare and its applications over time and though significant, historically speaking, the tactical use of this amorphous protocol is now deployed at saturated levels largely, I believe, because full-frontal warfare is oddly enough far too expensive and not just in monetary terms. I define this observation, i.e., “not just in monetary terms”, as a “Nuclear Moment” which I will discuss in greater detail in an upcoming article.

Asymmetrical warfare is intended to create a multi-faceted effect by leveraging stealthy (ideally) penetrations at points of exposure along/about your adversaries’ perimeters, in spherical terms. I can think of no better explanation of this statement than the following excerpt from “The Art of War” by Sun Tzu:

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A Crisis Rules the Cure (or A Shot Across The Bow)

High on our list of priorities should be to insure that we never allow a Government Response to include containment of the cause. For this reason I believe the accompany story on Dr. Li Wenliang, “Coronavirus Kills Chinese Whistleblower Doctor”  should be part of the historical narrative – these links are dropping like dead flies – and serve as a continuing reminder of just how invasive global governance has become and how easily PSYOPS are used to distract, redirect and reconfigure a public response and, I must add, that how you interpret this article will serve to illustrate your own understanding/awareness of its pervasiveness.

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CNN’s Peter Alexander: The Ass End of Hyperbole!

I listen to news programs (more and more infrequently) because I want factual, current, relevant and developing news. I’m now interested in hyperbole, farming for 10 second soundbites or the staging of political gotchas edited down for maximum advantage. Watching the White House briefings is, without a doubt, a national embarrassment as media hacks play the game out in the open, the White House media machine has come to expect it and, in the Presidents case, the only choice he has is a direct frontal assault and for one simple reason: He has no control or influence over the delivery-editing process so the only chance he has to affect the record is thru blunt-force-trauma.

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Working a Crisis Amidst the Preference of Resistance:

In 1986 I was staffed as part of a team reviewing procurement protocols for the DOD, the purpose of which was to exam existing processes, chart the flow-thru matrix, controls (pricing, inventory, security, inter/intra service demands and dependencies, paper-trail etc) and controls-enforcement. The purpose of the assignment was to deliver on a request by the then Office of the Secretary who in response to the (then) Administrations “top-down-bottom-up review” of military expenditures was looking to streamline the process and “cut the fat.” In essence we were hired to perform an analytical review and reporting on any/all confiscatory practices, processes, systemic bottle-necks, abuses and other bureaucratic excesses the elimination of which would promote efficiencies; I would later, over a period of years and Administrations, work on similar (type) reviews of several other government agencies with the same or similar priorities in mind.

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Get Your Head Around Wu-V19!

Check this (COVID/Wu-V19) out! A very clear and sobering view on points and issues you’ll most definitely want to know.

Curtis C. Greco, Founder

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