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Biden Chasing a Tail of Lies

Biden Chasing a Tail of Lies! | While Biden’s made his Political Bones backing one policy failure after another he’s managed to do so with little public scrutiny much like the mold or unholy bacteria growing in the porous grout-lines of a public restroom floor; now, sadly, he’s brought the same skillset to the 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. aided by the guiding light of intellectual derelicts such as Jen “I’ll circle back to you” Psaki, byrlcreem-filled bagmen such as Biden’s Secretary of State Blinken or, worst of all, the ferociously accommodating media.

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American Rescue Plan Act of 2021

Not much to offer, complimentary or otherwise, about the latest “rescue” plan that I’ve not previously opined; Congress has an unholy addiction to excess and as to the American People, one third is itself equally addicted, one third doesn’t care and the sufficiently disenfranchised representing the remaining third hasn’t yet figured out how to overcome the dead-weighted noose of the others.

On thing, however, that remains positively promising is the talent pool responsible for populating the advertising airwaves with supremely annoying names assigned to medications they pimp the public. Congress must be using the same group for manufacturing titles for Bills they pass; “American Rescue Plan?” Oh My!

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When Stimulus Isn’t!

Spending, at the Federal Level is either Wealth Consumption or Debt Creation; often it’s both. Government is rarely, if ever, capable of Investing primarily because Politicians use the Government’s ability to tax as a form of political vice the consequence of which is that nothing is ever created that inures a recurring monetary benefit either to the government or to the taxpayer who pays for it. If these statements/observations weren’t true then there’d be no 24 Trillion and growing federal debt and 200 plus Trillion in unfunded mandates.

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Interest Rates; How Low & For How Long

My prognostications are built on a simple science; the predictability of cause and effect which, for me, has proven to be an effective analytical tool whether applied to economic inquiry, calibrations relating to interest rates, politics, head-on collisions, addictive and adaptive behavior and even the laws of gravity.

First of all, and for purposes of shrinking the narrative down to a manageable level, we’ll confine the scope of our review to that of Governmental and Private rate structures and the influences that affect/control each: (1) Governmental are those instruments directly associated with Legislateable Funding mechanisms (Gov’t Funding, Fed Liquidity, Treasuries, Mortgages). And then, (2) Private which consists of pretty much everything else.

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Richard Blumenthal & Mazie Hirono’s mission matters more (than truth)!

Understanding the deplorable state of the processes of government it is rightly appropriate to point out that these two Senators are the ornamental fringe of a much larger game of staged whoresmanship, one whose sole purpose is to keep Trump from a court upending nomination. Whatever Ms. Blasey-Ford endured can only be known by her and no amount of empathy can or should be used as a tool for endorsing allegations, or should we encourage the fashionability of synthetic rage staged by political operatives expressly for the purpose of overturning the foundational core of our legal system so as to facilitate a temporal power grab. We need to be reminded that it is the durability of our legal system that needs to be respected so that its reliability is further enhanced by our unending reverence for it.

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