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Acts of War & Questionable Authority

The question surrounding U.S. Military Action (in the Middle-East particularly) is one of legitimate authority. Whether under domestic or international law the issue may not be so much a question of authority, but more so one of convenient silence.

Historically a Declaration of War (DOW) under International Law has been the recognized right of a sovereign nation. The U.S.’s last DOW occurred in the 1940’s while Authorizations for the Use of Military Force (AUMF), since the late 1950’s, have become the accepted replacement for DOW.

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ON AIR with Host Joe Galuski of WYSR 106.9

Joe Galuski of 106.9 WYSR, Syracuse, NY anchors a top morning show and we’re always delighted to share-the-air with him. Curtis Greco will go OnPoint with Joe this morning at 8:15 AM (EST) covering a few of the Day’s HOT TOPICS so be sure and Tune-In! Catch the show in-market or streaming “Live” online at

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Iranian Strategy on Stage at the U.N.

What is known is that Iran has a pernicious nuclear program and it is known that they are processing and stockpiling weapons-grade uranium (since 2003) and from trace indications, plutonium as well. Whether or not they actually have produced a nuclear-device is merely a matter of semantics as it is known that Iran has successfully performed testing. The purposes of which can and are only ever used for detonating a nuclear-device however it doesn’t end here. There’s a report (see: Die Welt: March 4, 2012), backed by “western intelligence sources”, indicating that Iran has been detonating nuclear devices, in North Korea, since 2010.

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AG Holder: The Legacy of Unprecedented

If we accept the Rev. King was correct when he hoped for the day when a man would “not be judged by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character” then it is indeed ironic that Mr. Holder’s greatest acknowledgment seems to be that he was the first black A.G. whose tenure is accentuated by actions indicative of a complete lack of character and deference for the law. Particularly if we recall that the Office of the Attorney General is, in fact, to be the advocate of the law and not a politically motivated judge selectively interpreting their relevance and being passive, at best, to those which remain.

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President Obama’s U.N.nification

Clearly vested in the homogony of his own illusions the President continues his contorted reverence for deprecating dialogue. He continues, in desperation, an attempt to align and expand his following by attempting to distinguish himself apart from the very trail of chaos his ignorance and ambivalence fosters.

Does he take the opportunity to coalesce U.N. support for endorsing U.S. Military Action in Syria/Iraq? Does he call-out the rabid violations of basic human rights by Islamist Extremists? Does he invite consensus for dealing with the spread of nuclear war-making technologies?

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