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New World Dis-Orders Job Creation

First, let me offer you comfort in the fact that a stunning realization found media nirvana this past week when Fed Chairman Bernanke announced with supreme and superfluous clarity, “The country would be well served by a better process for making fiscal decisions.”  You don’t say Mr. Chairman! 

Still well behind the times and economic realities, consequent to well-seasoned monetary policies, the Chairman managed yet another advanced-curve pronouncement when he stated, “The quality of economic policy-making in the United States will heavily influence the nation’s long-term prospects.” Could it be that Mr. Bernanke may be the most recent first-in-class graduate of the Nancy Pelosi School of Forward Thinking Proven Failures graduate program for the Oxymoronic or Neo-Lucent?   

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Media, Politics & Discreet Indiscretions

“Neither light of day nor veil of darkness burdens the ambitious. Quite openly the Counsel forms to shape and ply its course of discreet indiscretions. Should ye choose to be consumed by their whit or derailed by misdirection is of no matter; ignorance is the preferred elixir of supreme device at whose pillar all objections fail and become no more. And still more than some would simply rather not know to know of the ambitious ambitions.”

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The Irony of All Ironies

“The few who understand the system, will either be so interested from its profits or so dependent on its favors, that there will be no opposition from that class.”

Mayer A. B. Rothschild is always a fabulous source for illustrating the hubris of monetary militarist; he is, after all, the archetypical master of the regimes ideology.  To truly understand the nature of this Nation’s greatest crisis to date one will have to grasp the significance of this statement. One of the greatest ironies, if not perhaps The Irony of All Ironies, is the truth of what this comment has to say about our own Nation. The ideology that feeds the monetary militarist is so structurally pervasive and so affectively imbedded within our political and economic cultures that it is now seemingly inseparable; it may even be a fait accompli.

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The Anatomy of Debt & Grading

Over the coming weeks there will undoubtedly be endless and seemingly incongruent commentaries over the S & P downgrading of U.S. Debt and why, with so many countries around the globe with far greater debt-hurdles (Japan for example), only the U.S.?  I know, I really must stop thinking rationally.

Many like myself will wonder why the wait and where exactly are Grading Agencies Moody’s and Fitch after all if the standards of practice are based on so-called fundamentals then is one to assume that uniformity is only measured by the degree of separation and methods which define their application? Or, is one only to conclude that the degree of application is only measured by the uniformity of the desired self-define prophesying upon which these Agencies can agree?

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