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2012: A Single Issue

I happened to bump in to a friend the other day at the gas station and as seems the subject of late, the conversation soon turned to fuel prices.  I’ve taken to gauge the price of fuel by the speed with which the cents accumulate. The way I figure, if you can’t read the numbers as they pass (it’s more of a blur) then you’re paying too much. I suspect the avuncular Obama would opine having something to do with me driving a gas guzzler, not of course that I would care. 

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Third & Fourth Choices

We’ve still several months to go before the field of would be Presidential Candidates resolves to its final form.  The hold-outs and drop-offs are being scored as the media circus ramps-up to orchestrate what will most assuredly be, for some, yet another demonstration of democracy’s shining moment of political hyperbole-in-progress. 

Already the news outlets, either in print or broadcast, make comparisons of personality and appearances though scant inquiry as to policy and even less to practice.  I’m quite certain they are committed to appearing polished, conscientious and erudite after all the people will make their decisions based on the message they construct, willingly or otherwise.  That is of course the understanding although I possess a bit of curiosity which peaks of interest from time to time regarding a few rather indiscriminant and seemingly less consequential issues.  The few: 

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Opposing Compliance

A growing discontent stirs within the mind of many and more likely, the mind of most. I find that more often than expected are the inquiries of those with whom I have contact asking: “What is there to do?” or “Where do are we to turn?”  Yet I must confess that nearer to the surface of the mind and method of the wounded lies quite a different referendum, a more salient query: “Who is there for us to blame?” 

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WiNiP – Scores of Unwilling v5.11a

What I Noticed in Passing…. 

Tired and fatigued, sometimes beaten, bruised and grieving; he is a soldier, weary and withered. In search of courage he lies tepid beneath the shroud of the uncertain, the unseen and the unspoken. Rigid in his form he is transfixed within his lair whilst the storm consumed with rage blusters about the land. 

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The Global Lubricant: Sweet Crude

As the months pass and the U.S. economy continues its steady march toward systemic hibernation, Americans continue to endure a rather peculiar form of insurgent warfare; global-economic warfare.

Gone are the days when a U.S. President, ensconced safely upon the bully-pulpit, can lecture the American public on their excesses, the scarcity of thought and resources or re-engineer public sentiment toward peddle cars, wind-power and toxic-battery hybrids without stirring the ire of suspicion.  Even Al Gore was unable to weather the storm of contempt his manufactured carbon-credits market generated or his collusion with climatologist artful interpretation of environmental data. 

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