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I Did, I Sent You!

I, like many, find myself more and more disenfranchised from a political system that bears no resemblance to the promise of our national heritage.

Our national sovereignty and economic future has been repackaged and outsourced with the speed and efficiency of an IRS tax lien; entire industries have been relocated, leaving behind vacant warehouse, silent factories, idle resources of all types and worst of all, broken dreams. 

In a country whose very identity rests upon the genius of an ideal that prior to its formation had never seen the light of day, seeing the promise of this land and the industry of so vibrant and genuine a people summarily laid to waste is, as it is for most, simply heart breaking!

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The Last Word on Health Care

In the upcoming release of Volume III, in the Blind Vision Series – Valor in Prosperity, I offer a series of “concepts which, should the Peoples Choose, could be employed to reclaim our sovereign national heritage. At the very minimum, they represent sufficient evidence for the poverty of thought existing within a System which suggests despotism as the only option available.  

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The Policy of Conflict

This past week has seen the replay of strategic politicking in a seemingly endless array of instances.   The strategy is the same, universally applied, with a universally anticipated outcome.  Whether it be Health Care, Financial Reform, Banking Reform, Jobs Bills, Economic Reform, States Rights, States Financial Quagmire, various Political Abuses/Indiscretions and so on. 

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The Waive of Conflict

In the practice of our daily lives we set about engaging in the myriad of task that define what becomes of our lives.  We greet the day with a sense of purpose built upon a foundation, a personal commitment to a certain and specific outcome and we quietly and inconspicuously go about applying ourselves to its fulfillment.  For the most part, these pursuits are noble. 

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Defining Moment 3210

I believe that our greatest challenge will be overcoming the risk of defining the discussion as being a choice over competing Political Ideologies when the issue at hand is far greater. This Nation find itself at a defining moment along the path toward an uncertain future; the course we select will be seen by future generations as being either inspired or tragically predictable. As then General George Washington said in 1783, ‘Had this day been wanting, the world had never seen the last stage of perfection to which human nature is capable of attaining.’

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