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A Hope and Message

As I recall, the year was 1993 and I was sitting with a dear friend who was nearing the end of her life.  She was diagnosed, a year earlier, with a terminal illness and her corporal form was yielding to the inevitable. She looked at me and said, “Curtis, please sing for me, sing me that song I heard you sing the other day, you know, the one about ‘…count your blessings instead of sheep!”  I did, of course, honor her request and I remember the moment well.  As I sang each word my eyes filled with tears mostly because of all the possible things she could have asked of me, what she wanted most was this simple song and she asked that I sing it to her.  Me, she wanted Me, to sing for her!   

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  • We, The People, are labored by the ommissions of good, intrusive Government silences! #
  • Test #
  • We should follow a path that leads to a certian destination, though we may know not the course one may progress, … #
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The Reinvention of The Rich Lie!

I must confess, I’m confused; I’m looking forward in to a future that seemingly has no sound prospects and, frankly, the conversation that needs to be had, is barely a whisper!  Listening to the Poli-Cor-Speak of the non-economic versed politician, the dearth of coherent strategy is so completely absent,  I believe one could hear mollusk hiccup!

The economic conundrum that the U.S. finds itself has been years in the making and transcends the terms of Administrations of both Parties though the controller of the purse-strings, the U.S. Senate, has largely been Democratic Party controlled for much of the period of malfeasance and under whose supervision, the abuses are the forms most severe.  And, Mr. President, the U.S. is already bankrupt, financially, economically, industrial and political so don’t bother making the threat, it’s far too late!

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  • The Politicizing of Governance is not that practice of preserving sound republican principals;…. #
  • …it is the preserving of an illusion the sound principals are being practiced! See: Health Care Starving the System Blog Post! #
  • The human soul is most noble & virtuous, it sees what can’t be seen,imagines the unimaginable & seeks redemption though all appears lost! #
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  • New Post: In Practice et seq v1109b: When you take your first step toward that which you want, that wh.. #
  • Freedom isn't only the presence of choice, it is the Liberty to define the available choices! #
  • Government is never limited by prohibitions, it seeks the extremes of licence! #
  • With every choice, we choose and outcome! #
  • With every outcome, there is yet another choice! #
  • "To put yourself in danger from time to time brings saneness in dealing with life's trivialities!" #
  • Obama's mid-east strategy mirrors Administrations Overall Policy Strategy: Insignificant and Dangerously inept! #
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