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Confederate Leaders Removed From Capitol; Next?

Me thinks the mirror should turn on Pelosi and her cabal of nitwits with equal vigor! After all, if we are to apply the same logic then, evidenced by her support for the killing of millions upon millions of children, then her actions should warrant not only her removal from office but also the justification for her being tried for crimes against humanity.

“The fact is that we, as a species, are operating way outside of our operational protocols and the deepening scars on our culture prove it.” CG

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The Unthinkable-The Evolution of Idiocracy!

The Unthinkable – The Evolution of Idiocracy! Regard for the rule of law makes a terrify exchange, the Public frozen by fear!

This piece requires no further commentary; it speaks for itself.

Curtis C. Greco, Founder


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Restitution, Reconciliation, Reconstruction, Retrogression, Revisionism.

Gone With The Wind! Yes even HBO has decided to enter the fray. By removing this film classic from its catalog it expands the domain of the “unsafe”, code word for intellectual rheumatism, a type of seizure or even spiritual convulsing that intends to suspend all conscious thought or reason by threat or ostracism. The level of terror being propagated by the anarchists among us is turning ordinarily reasonable minds into thoughtless vagrants willing to align themselves with idiots in exchange for the illusion of communal sanctuary.

“Not a one mourned the puree’d fetus or for any one of the un-matter’d Black lives shot dead on the streets of Chicago.”

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So, Black Lives Matter, eh?

The FRAUD is now complete. Does any of this twisted notion of knee-jerk retribution have anything to do with folks of African Ancestry; this is all politically driven using the double-barrel blasting of race-indifference and class-warfare. Watch this video clip and look closely at the terrorists masquerading as protesters and then inventory the victims all the while asking yourself: Where are all the Black Lives that you’re being told don’t matter?

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Militarizing the Police-Bureaucratic Dysfunction.

It doesn’t take much to grasp that Mr. Floyd was not the poster child for model citizenry but that doesn’t entitle anyone to exercise the extremes we’ve come to identify as Police Brutality; this is neither a right we should bestow on any one person over another nor consider a privileged reward for the select few, period!

Over time, chiefly for bureaucratic reasons, expanding influences of Public Unions and the inevitable Politically induced forms of opportunism, Police Departments have become the enforcement arm of all sorts of intrusions masquerading as “the law.” Police Departments are no longer community to protect and to serve affiliates, they are now full-blown paramilitary forces.

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