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Biden Term: Snapshots over 4 Years

What started as an exercise, the study of “what if Biden is elected”, foretold an outcome that I never expect to happen; I mean, really, who in their right mind would opt for the assured devastation promised by a Biden Administration over Trump’s proven record. Yes, for those who have an axe to grind on the head of former President Trump I’ll grant you he’d never make it in a Norman Rockwell inspired vision of Americana but let’s be honest, at this point in the evolution of the American Experiment you need a Mt. St. Helens sized ego to fight thru the bile of Presidential politics along with a visceral mojo required to overwhelm a deeply corrupted system.

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Infrastructure Investment Gone Wrong (In a Big Way):

First of all, let’s begin with a fundamental, foundational, truth: Central Planning has never worked, it is the equivalent of believing one is able to recreate the earth from an end product, e.g., believing it is possible to reverse engineer Planet Earth using an Apple. The age-old conflict began with believing One can entrust the creation of an economic success to an apparatus that has no concept or grasp of the components, the integral necessities, that lie back or behind any creative motive or outcome. I am speak, specially, of the engine of “compelling cause.”

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Biden Chasing a Tail of Lies

Biden Chasing a Tail of Lies! | While Biden’s made his Political Bones backing one policy failure after another he’s managed to do so with little public scrutiny much like the mold or unholy bacteria growing in the porous grout-lines of a public restroom floor; now, sadly, he’s brought the same skillset to the 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. aided by the guiding light of intellectual derelicts such as Jen “I’ll circle back to you” Psaki, byrlcreem-filled bagmen such as Biden’s Secretary of State Blinken or, worst of all, the ferociously accommodating media.

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American Rescue Plan Act of 2021

Not much to offer, complimentary or otherwise, about the latest “rescue” plan that I’ve not previously opined; Congress has an unholy addiction to excess and as to the American People, one third is itself equally addicted, one third doesn’t care and the sufficiently disenfranchised representing the remaining third hasn’t yet figured out how to overcome the dead-weighted noose of the others.

On thing, however, that remains positively promising is the talent pool responsible for populating the advertising airwaves with supremely annoying names assigned to medications they pimp the public. Congress must be using the same group for manufacturing titles for Bills they pass; “American Rescue Plan?” Oh My!

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Biden EO on Supply Chain Aims for the Wrong Target

To avoid the Public concluding that the power grab accompanying the COVID scheme was nothing more than a political power grab the Biden Regime, aided by “The Faucc”, the perfect caricature of Bureaucratic Incompetence, has no choice but to continue the hyping of the “spread-the-fear-reap-the-rewards” missive now moving into the permanent implementation phase.

Yes, I will agree that Beijing-Joe’s handlers played a good game when they built a wing of his election strategy on the plausibility that there was a better way to have managed this scamdemic after all it was an slick sell to a public that can easily be dupped into believing that they can save themselves by ducking beneath a falling sky. Really, what is there to say about a narrative that sells a broad section of the Population a false-positive particularly one that has no way of surviving its own testing routines.

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