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The Psychology of Inducement

“The fractured American Economy is a predictable consequence of having extended seriously flawed economic theory to the expansive architecture of global order. Combine these features with a predatory monetary policy and an unbridled lust for foreign entanglements and the distance between the truly inspired and what becomes of it by compromise is now measured in light-years….”  

For years I’ve argued in opposition to the prevailing economic theory of both Keynesian and Supply-Side Economics and for a very good reason; these theories articulate a theoretical premise based on the aggregation of stoic after-the-fact events and then apply the very same theoretical premise and its pre-cast and asymmetrical attributions to nascent economic processes.  The result of course is always the same: A predictable outcome that always fails. 

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Taxation: Never Flat or Fair

As the practice of politicking continues its march toward the 2012 Presidential Election I’m reminded of how little the political conversation rarely, if ever, revolves around substantive issues although at the same time I confess that the current cycles has drawn a tad closer to one single issue that has long escaped the discipline of close inspection, deliberate inquiry and truly dedicated offering. This single issue is Taxation and we have Herman Cain to thank for pushing topic to the surface. Let’s hope we can take it the rest of the way! 

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Pro-Testation’s of a Different Order

Not seen yet as a Villain, he’s welcomed unopposed;
Pleasing to the Eager who bend to all proposed.

Points of order, shaped and contoured;
Not to bother with the methods, rightful shares has been assured.

So liberally sought again-again and still have none opposed;
Distance grows ‘twixt will and naught, probity’s deposed.

Scarcity of futures from options laid to fallow;
The Eager and the Silent-while-they-plunder, form as fates allow.

Having seen their day of purpose, virtues seeds no longer sowed;
Still the chanting Masses gather fore, a claim they’re not owed.

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U.S. Senate’s Strategy in Infamy

On Thursday, October 6th, the U.S. Senate moved one step closer toward sending the Currency Exchange Rate Reform Act to the House for its consent. This legislation has quickly and silently made its way through the approval process with nary a token objection or open discourse as to its merits or more importantly, its dangers. 

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Chris Christie and the Diffusion of Conscience

The American public is paying far more attention to the Presidential Election cycle than ever before and the GOP is in panic-mode because of it; it’s authority in the process is being challenged by those not part of the landed-gentry and the politically-camouflaged elite and there’s good reason for it: The Country is facing a convergence of crisis the like of which never experience before and all of it due to structured, studied, advancing and deliberated failure: 

  • The Ascension of Political Supremacy – Government is what matters.
  • The Evolution of Inverse Values – Multinationals matter more.
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