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The Media, The Mindless and The Sanctimonious

While NBC, CBS and nearly every other Media Outlet castigates Rick Santorum for his religious views it is becoming increasingly apparent that the newsworthy item of interest is not so much that he has a religious mantle but more so that the Media doesn’t approve of him expressing a stand different from that of the Secular-Statist and their agenda. 

Come now, every Human Being is a composition of theology in one form or another; either deity-based or non-deity-based but a theology none-the-less. To believe that we approach the table of life void of any deference to an ethereal value is pure lunacy and decidedly mindless; even if one holds to this position it is itself an expression of ethereal deference if only for the reason that to do so requires one to acknowledge that there is an opposing view. 

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The Political Campaign of the Counterpunch

If you lead, someone will doubt your motive.
If you stand a head taller, someone will seek to bring you to your knees.
If you define the moment, someone will point to your flaws.
If you seek to express perfection, someone will question your judgment.
And while you question the objections, someone will poison your reasoning seizing advantage in momentary stupor. 

The Campaign of the Counterpunch becomes the strategic offense,
Upon the merit of weakness,
When opportunity welcomes the courageous,
The void is breached with an empty assault,
By a lesser opportunist.  

So goes the Army of the once willing,
Now Leaderless. 

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The Many Extensions of Freedom

“No provision in our Constitution ought to be dearer to man than that which protects the rights of conscience against the enterprises of the civil authority.” 

This very simple phrase composes the perfect essence of representative democracy and such clarity of mind the custom of its author, Thomas Jefferson. At its heart lies the very foundation of our Constitution and its purpose; “…protects the rights of conscience against the enterprises of civil authority.”   

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Russia: A Frigid Thaw

The mantle of human frailty is rich with scores of pitiful exhibitions of conquests in search of dominance; the price is always measured in lives lost and abject poverty of conscience. The seemingly unending contest between the weak of mind and spirit, versus the unsuspecting of mind and conscious opposition; when will it ever end?  

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