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Bartering with the Morbidly Turgid

As referenced in the article Bartering with the Morbidly Inept I committed to continuing the discussion on the interconnectivity of our political climate and its relationship to the National Debt and the National Economic quagmire. In doing so I toyed with several titles for this current exercise and ultimately decided simply to persist with my personal amusement and elected to stick with the Bartering with the Morbidly… theme. 

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Bartering with the Morbidly Inept

Despite government preferences to the contrary, it would seem that the public is awakening to the undeniable fact that the U.S. economy is in shambles and this trend is forcing many to become quite familiar an entirely new reality: 

  1. The economic crisis is politically driven. And,
  2. The politically driven have no idea how to undo what they have done. 

For Americans to arrive at a viable solution they must first understand the nature of the system as it is and both how it evolved and why it fails so efficiently. The 2nd Edition of the three-volume Series entitled Blind Vision addresses each of these points with deliberate and surgical precision and as one might predictably expect, I suggest you read and study each of them as part of your personal desire to expand your cognitive facilities. 

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When Silence Speaks

In a recent interview I was asked the following question: “Looking at the presidential candidates, considering the economic crisis before us, which one strikes you as the best equipped to deal with this Nations problems?”  I quickly responded, “Which one?” 

It requires no great stretch of the imagination to be impressed by the many problems that require serious attention and to be quite honest, I observe no single Candidate offering any stand-out proposition in possession of a deliberate strategy or purpose; all I do hear is the predictable ambiguity of political hedging. Could it be that they simply don’t know? Or, even more troubling; could it be that winning the office is more about being successful at telling the Public something other than what they should or for that matter, need to know. 

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The Un-Tax: Releasing Productive Capacity

There’s clearly no mistaking the economic devastation that continues to wage war upon the American landscape. Why is it there’s complete silence on the part of government or any of the media talking-heads that are willing to offer-up any of the possible mechanism available to defeat the unstoppable force that seems determined to push this Country over the cliff?  Like many I continue be disturbed that the only measure of observed persistence lies in the Government’s willingness to ignore what is so painfully obvious to everyone else. Moreover, I continue to hope that at least one of the Presidential Candidates will take up the challenge though as it is they seem to be more interested in staging and tinkering with all things mundane and meaningless. 

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