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Electoral College, Popular Vote & Thievery-in-Progress

“It is enough that the people know there was an election. The people who cast the votes decide nothing. The people who count the votes decide everything.” – Joseph Stalin 

One of the great ironies of our current election process is the manner in which the people’s focus is being shaped and contoured into a complete form of traumatized-blindness. The People will find themselves voting for an Individual who, if they were to encounter them on any street, they’d dare never to approach; one would observe them as distinctly unapproachable and intuitively, one would avoid them with absolute conviction. 

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IMF: Your Freedom & Future’s in the Balance

“Franklin slips the tattered piece of twine around each end of the bedroll his few possessions concealed within its folds, the balance packed neatly in the rucksack whose straps round-over his shoulders. He pulls the twine over his head positioning it across his chest as the bedroll settles to a point just above his right hip resting snuggly upon the well-worn letterman’s jacket he’s tied firmly about his waist. 

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Ceding the 4th Amendment: Who Speaks in Opposition?

Freedom isn’t possible if Liberty is ever-subject to conscription. The Ideals of Sovereign Rights being Unalienable is a very simple precept and one which is fundamental to the American Ideal. When an Individual is at risk to the incidental and rapacious impulse of unrestricted government than no Individual is Free, no Individual is at Liberty.  

Man must be Free for Independence to be at Liberty to be Expressed! 

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What Becomes to Fill the Void

Vision in shades of gray is akin to viewing the domain of what is possible through the narrow scope of a straw; we void both depth and texture and omit a far greater perspective. We need only remove the filter to expose ourselves to the fullness of the unobstructed spectrum and be relieved to discover that color has been present all along. 

As the GOP nomination process decelerates to a final resolution there will be several unanswered questions in search of answers; the American People will need to find them and it is my hope that they will be disciplined in expressing their interests 

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