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Economy of Living or Dying

What seems like just yesterday but in reality was more like 23 years ago,  I was mirth college graduate, working in the Public Accounting profession and nearing completion of an MBA program.   I was required to produce a thesis as part of  the program and I was desperate for ground breaking concept that would demonstrate to the erudite echelon just how brilliant a candidate I was.

I don’t recall exactly where I read it or who rightly deserves the credit for it but at the time I was impressed by a comment that stated “…the true sign of genius is taking the irretrievable complex and expressing it through the calm of simplicity…” or words to that effect.

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Low Ball Offer

Yes the market in many parts of the Country has (and is) suffering the inevitable post “sugar high” crash and I’m sure for many,  as it is here in Northern California ( Sonoma County ),  the market is becoming flush with properties for sale.   Either in the hands of a Bank (REO) or by a Party with this possible threat looming over their shoulder,  the end result is the same.

“There’s deals to be had…” I here more and more, “…just low ball ‘em…” bellows the Pitching Coach,  “bottom feeders…” the Anger Seller laments!

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