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In Practice et seq v1109b

When you take your first step toward that which you want, that which seeks pairing with the passions of your heart takes one step ever closer to you!

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In Practice et seq v1109a


It’s not sufficient for each to simply make a mark!  NO!

We need to make a lasting impression!

However and more importantly, we owe one another an impression worth replicating!  Why? 

You must know:  there is no void created by your absence,  there IS only the lasting burden to mankind who perpetually languishes until you appear!  And when I say appear,  I don’t mean show up,  I mean demonstrate the unique expression of divinely inspired genius that you, and you alone, possess! This, in silent desperation, is what the world lies in wait for!

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Vacuum of Global Conscience

November 24, 2009

I’ve written before on my, as well as others, suspicious of the curious claims relating to man’s contribution to the conundrum identified as “Climate Change”.

The crisis is not so much as man’s contribution to Global Warming as it is to his contribution to Global Blundering! 

I refer to it as the Vacuum of Global Conscience primarily as it illustrates how the devise of Economic Need and Economic Pandering converge to become, in effect, one and the same: Divisive Greed!

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