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WiNiP – The Rise of Willing Failure v2.11

What I Noticed in Passing…. 

Recently I’ve come under attack for my commentaries relating to what I observe as the core issue of this nations great divide. Yes, I believe the core issue is Our interpretation of this notion we call Freedom and how and in what way we express it through the mechanisms of Liberty.  We might (even) explain the point in this way: 

“The Ideal of Freedom is brought to Life through the manner in which we believe we are at Liberty to do so.  The greater ones sacred notion of Freedom, the greater ones desire to preserve the Liberty to express Freedom.” 

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Budget: Question with a Why

Tolerance is one of those words that has become so embossed with all sorts of tentative notions. Tolerance for errors in judgment, tolerance for errors of omission, tolerance for acts of commission and tolerance, well, for being tolerant.  What a supremely debilitating notion this word has become. Are you growing weary and intolerant of tolerance?  Frankly, I’m well past the query stage. 

In a recent article on the subject of the Middle-East I composed a phrase to convey a sentiment; in fact, I composed two specific phrases to convey the very same sentiment approaching the ambition from two distinctly different philosophical perspectives. I think it appropriate that I should reintroduce the first of the two here, the other in short order:

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Debt Ceiling Limit: The Cover Story

At the moment, media coverage of the proposed Debt Ceiling Limit increase has taken back stage to the events in Egypt, Obama apparently kicking his smoking-habit and various other mindless up-to-the-minute news snippets. For this reason, I suspended further commentary on the subject until the subject reemerged. Well, at least until today! 

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Egypt: The Pawn of Relativism

“God made man in his own image….” is a phrase that most folks familiar with the Old Testament will easily recognize.  For many years I accepted the phrase as a matter of fact yet as time continued its predictable march forward I discovered and acquired a entirely different interpretation; that is to say, a completely different understanding. For me it occurred somewhat serendipitously on the occasion when I would observe an artist painting or when reading the novel The Agony and The Ecstasy and being taken by Michael Angelo’s response when asked how he was able to create works of art from a simple block of marble. Confessing in advance that my recollection of his response is rather vague, I am prone to rest for the moment on the following version: I hold an image in my mind and remove the excess marble until its likeness is revealed.   

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