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The Fiat Economy of Real Estate

I’m growing weary of reading articles and or listening to various media commentaries on the Real Estate economy. So-called “experts” that clearly have absolutely no concept of the mechanism which control this segment of the U.S. Economy. Even more distressing is listening to the miscellaneous ramblings of various elected officials who express heart-felt concerns over the thickening dread of the American People whilst at the same time crafting legislation that is emblematic of the very cause that lies at the root of the problem.

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“Circum-Sal-Ation” – A Pandemic Art

Last week I was afforded a wonderful opportunity to share the airwaves with Denny Schaffer, a wonderful host of a vibrant talk show broadcasting on 920 WGKA in Atlanta, Ga.  We were talking about the dismal failure of the Stimulus Bill and the vacuity of the Wall Street Financial Reform Bill which had passed earlier in the day.

Denny’s show became the first public appearance of a new term which I had coined to express what no single word seems capable of doing.  My regular readership will not be particularly surprised by this as I do my own fair share of “wordsmithing.”

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WiNiP – The Racial Divides v7.10a

What I Noticed in Passing….

It was a year or so ago when, placing thought to permanent record by way of keyboard, a particularly rich thought came to me and I quickly and thankfully recorded it.

“…it seems that much effort is quickly cast aside when advantage seems worth its sacrifice!”

At the time I was sitting in Memphis, Tennessee and had just concluded a review of abandoned properties that had been placed in the hands of an east cost Bank.  I was looking at them with both the eye of a “real estate expert” and an “opportunity lost lamentation.”  I offered the Bank a solution and a plan of action however, what they need to know, the bankers didn’t want to hear! Observing further the economic devastation of the area gave cause to cogitate on the matter further.  Here was the result:

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Denny Schaffer interviews Author Curtis Greco

Denny Schaffer’s show airs on 920 WGKA in Atlanta, GA.  Solid “fluid” commentary on various economic and politically intimate issues.  This is a man with a heart of a lion and a proven commitment to a message that “speaks” to America.  Do connect with him either by radio or he “streams” live on!

Curtis C. Greco, Founder

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Mike Miller Interviews Curtis Greco

Tune in to Curtis Greco’s Radio Interview with Mike Miller from WIMA Radio

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