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Given to be Given

“In all that is perfect one finds the presence and expression of Divine light; yet in the domain of infinite time this perfect potential lays dormant until given. Yes, given! The Child is not the origin of light yet as to purpose they are inseparable; all have been given to the infinite light and not unlike a mirror you receive and reflect in the measure of your desire. Infinite and Brilliant is the capacity which you have been given; be given to reflecting and expressing that which is infinitely brilliant; it becomes for all a reflection as you alone define it.” 

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Rationing of Truth

 “Clarity is revealed only once the clutter of fraud is repelled.”   

This past week the government complex finally managed to achieve its greatest exhibition of transparency. In a mere forty-eight hours the political processes of Washington affirmed the American Publics native intuitions; the system is, in all manner of speaking, incapable of recognizing and responding to the many issues this Country faces and by doing so Politicians demonstrates the entire bureaucracy’s patent indifference to their oath of office and the best interests of the consenting governed. 

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No Conflict, No Contest

 “Bitterness of taste is the nature of all conflict much as it is for all flavors expressing the true nature of its host. Yet for those who favor conflict their tongue is not always quite so faithful; choosing instead to season their nature in favor of a more immediate impulse.” 

Often we find ourselves in circumstances which tempt our thoughts toward actions contrary to our conscience; the more trying are often accompanied by the greater risk of expediency taking hold and thus dictating what becomes the lesser-choice-made. True, actions consistent with conscientious thought are rarely at issue when there is no contest, no challenge or temptation but then these circumstances are also infrequently accompanied by a measure of adverse consequence being imposed on another and so –No Conflict, No Contest. Yet, and I think we will agree, where both Conflict and Contest exist and we must root them out. 

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WiNiP – The Price of Politics v1211a

What I Noticed in Passing…. 

Symbolism is a mirror; an affirmation for those in the know; a vehicle for one looking for a cause to occupy the mind void of Ideals; for others it becomes whatever it is they want it to be. The artwork in all of it is that the image has no life but for the one assigned to it and the version, being the one made available, the mass chooses to accept as their own. 

The Price of Politics is just this, “…no life but for the one assigned to it and the version, being the one made available, the mass chooses to accept as their own.” 

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