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Centralizing Failure

Henry Louis Mencken, in my opinion, refined the greatest risk to the republican form of government in a supremely elegant phrase;


“The urge to save humanity is almost always a false front for the urge to rule.”


Just yesterday, as I was driving to my office, a California Highway Patrol Officer invited me to suspend my efforts by directing me to the side of the road. As he approached my window, I was recycling the past few moments through my head attempting to identify the transgression having captured his attention. I wasn’t speeding, I hadn’t been talking on my cell phone, I hadn’t changed lanes without a signal – I was at a loss.

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Sestak – Here’s your Noose!

 Politics is not only a Dirty Business, it is more frequently the exhibition sport akin to “roulette”!


Congressmen Sestak is about to learn one of Politics most prized lesson: “Only speak when you’ve absolutely nothing of value to say!”


On one end of the table you’ve got the master of political-malfeasance, the Obama-Emanuel Brothers.  In the middle, you have a Pennsylvania Senatorial Seat. On the other end, you have the thallic predictability of the consummate poli-chameleon turn-coat, Arlen Specter.  Oh, by the way, let us not forget Patrick Toomey, the Republican candidate for the very same Pa. Senate seat.

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WiNiP – Expressing Freely v5.10a

What I Noticed in Passing….


Freedom, a marvelous ideal, imagined, inspired, fought and died for. More and more one might observe, most misunderstood and maligned yet still in possession of appearance and passions equaled only by the desire to make it real.  This is Valor by the Valiant!


We find freedom to be strange, lifeblood of the soul, inspired and instilled by divine, yet inexplicably defied and surrendered.


Do you find it odd the idiotic notion of freedom by legislation? Freedom entrusted by or to political institutions that are no better suited to define (it) nor spiritually capable of preserving it.  I wonder about such things.

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Obama to Wage War!

The signs are unmistakable.  The Country has gone poli-rogue and Obama regiments are collapsing!  Once again the political machinery has failed to interpret the American Electorate and the price will be chaos at a time when this Country can least afford political plunder. 

It is of course inevitable.  The face of consequence is worn as a vizard by Alan Specter, Blanche Lincoln,  Richard Blumenthal, Mark Souder and there will be more.

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Geithner, EU and Greece

I selected these three iconic references as symptomatic of what goes round-the-globe in the image of a dog chases an ever diminishing tail – asymmetrical response.


The unpolished truth of the global financial playground is akin to ones alarm should your child find themselves in a sand-box having been mistaken, by a cat, for a litter-box.  The cat may not have known the difference but you most certainly do!


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