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The Mission Creep of Fascism (a.k.a., Kanye Goes to Washington)!

Knowing no limits the attack on a most critical vestibule continues; the chamber that both identifies the need for Individuality to prevail and the enclave where the Individual, each Individual, is held Divinely Sacred!

I don’t know Kanye West and the extent to which I do is largely from media excerpts and yes, I confess I had a rough time compressing his peripatetic ramblings into a coherent train of thought – likely an example of the Fascist mantra of a government that only shows up to assist at election time and leaves the unsuspecting to deal with the fallout of their treacherous calculus. Still his sense of flair is most conspicuous and left me with a level of certainty that he is indeed a passionate Man and dedicated to his convictions and here too I must also admire the President for allowing the media draw of the Oval Office available to both him and NFL great Jim Brown.

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Compelling is neither Corroborative nor is it Credible!

Sen. Booker responsible for defective Ford Pinto Fuel Tank Explosions; believes the fumes caused him lasting brain damage. A now no longer secret report claims Sen. Blumenthal stated he was present during filming of fake Apollo Lunar Landings while “background sources” claim Sen. Kamala Harris crashed California Agricultural Checkpoint. Yes indeed there are even some who believe that a SFO TSA Agent, under conditions of anonymity, claims that she was  (merely for medicinal purposes) transporting multiple cases of Cannabis Oil she recently purchased in Colorado.  Each, in there on way, magnificent expressions of the apocryphal.

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