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X-Hairs V1- The Undoing!

There is always a price for moving forward; overcoming the inertial lethargy of complacency being the more immediate and perhaps the most conspicuous of the opposing force once expects to confront. In short form: Humans are very predictable; at the fringe of reason they calculate sloppily and even when faced with the evidence of their conspicuous duplicity they remain defiantly indignant.

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Blending Threats & Risks of Biden Front:

To grasp and consider these operative elements, not as individual conditions but as a cocktail of ammunition able to be independently targeted, One must season their thinking with the very element of vulnerability we referenced previously:

While it is absolutely the case that this Nation is far more exposed and at risk for an externally triggered economic event than it ever would be by a military version it is also the case that only the Nation itself can provide access to its vital organs.

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We’re All In This Together?

An irretrievably idiotic phrase, the perfect salve of banality, the moment applied your instantaneously numbed by the essence of mindless wonder accompanied by the willing surrender of one’s intellectual ballast; it’s right up there with global warming, social justice, carbon credits, windmills, equality, globalism, BLM and its iterations, making the world safe for democracy, Subaru=Love and diet soda. Looking at the climate as it is and its clear the only condition, I believe, we share together is the burdensome pain and consequence of groupthink. Really, should anyone ever want to be engaged in anything with anybody doing or engaged in anything that deprives one of their sovereign identity? The fact is that we, as a species, are operating way outside of our operational protocols and the deepening scars on our culture prove it.

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