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Hybrid Thinking

February 28, 2009

More often than not I receive wonderful comments from folks who have (or both) either read my various comments (which appear in several places) or see or hear me “live”. I am always grateful!

I never though of myself as a “social commentator”, frankly,  I arrived at a point in my life were I discovered a discord about me and that this “thing” I felt, or sensed,  was not exclusive to me!  In point of fact, what I’m discovering is there are far more people, than I ever thought possible, who sense the very same discord! Shoot, I thought I was the only “crazy person”!

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Stimulus Muss

February 15, 2009

Oh my, will the love affair with Stimulus this and Stimulus that ever stop? Will the question of “why stimulus?” ever be asked? Will inquiry on the subject of “who benefits” from stimulus ever see the light of day?  Will,  and I will accept just one,  any talking head,  politician or financial wizard take the podium and give a complete, thoughtful and coherent explanation of the overall strategy being employed?

Here’s another “curtis-ism”;

The art of controlling dialogue is best expressed by structuring the format in which the dialogue occurs: were relevant answers can be summarily voided through preventing equally relevant questions from being asked!

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Flat Earth Econ

February 6, 2009

 One of the great thrills of writing these posting is that I get to exchange with you ideas that are crafted, largely, from spontaneous thoughts occurring in instances where I’m speaking in front of a group or I barking at the radio!

“Flat Earth Idolatry” (FEI)  is just one of the spontaneous thoughts!   I coined the word to capture the though of observed, by me of course,  instances were an event is being expressed as a “given” when in fact it is based on completely erroneous assumptions.  The kind of event that when one observes its occurrence you find yourself saying, “oh come one, who do they think they’re kidding!”

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