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Unleashing Iran; Collateral Threats

An ascending China is creating an entirely new level of instability in many areas most notably and the more immediate being the apparatus of Foreign Policy. It is entirely relevant to understand that the asymmetric threat that China represents should be considered as a product of the following:

  1. Predatory financial interests (of the West) with a global appetite.
  2. Weak/Feckless Political Operatives acting on behalf of Financial Interest neither of whom understand the history of the organism(s) they are dealing with or the punishing consequences of their actions.
  3. Failure to understand the importance of maintaining sound and sustainable domestic economic policy. And,
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Points of Departure But No Escape!

The U.S. Election is already being viewed, around the world, as the “formal end” to the idyllic ambition of self-governance; the ultimate manifestation of Benjamin Franklin’s great fear that the People were incapable of doing what it took to “keep it,” to preserve the charities of Liberty.

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Pandemic: A Cover for a Cashless Transformation?

Major shifts, often seismic in nature, in social order have always been preceded by some tumultuous events, threats of war used as a social lubricant for flipping public opposition, financial collapses triggered to expand/protect financial influences and interest, economic collapse used to expand government control or shift or affect economic rewards, assassinations (including attempts) used to expand police powers, terrorist claims used to restrict movement and so on. Interesting though is that there has yet to be a case were expanded authorities or economic interests, war or surrendering of personal liberties have ever prevented or limited a nascent threat; yes indeed, the war to end all wars seems (always) to be beyond the reach of the next promise.

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Benevolent China – Korean Unification?

The Korean peninsula is, by far, the most refined example of mankind at its predatory worst. The race to lay waste to the sovereign identity of an entire culture seems to have an alure so powerful that no rational mind seems capable of opposing it.

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Interest Rates; How Low & For How Long

My prognostications are built on a simple science; the predictability of cause and effect which, for me, has proven to be an effective analytical tool whether applied to economic inquiry, calibrations relating to interest rates, politics, head-on collisions, addictive and adaptive behavior and even the laws of gravity.

First of all, and for purposes of shrinking the narrative down to a manageable level, we’ll confine the scope of our review to that of Governmental and Private rate structures and the influences that affect/control each: (1) Governmental are those instruments directly associated with Legislateable Funding mechanisms (Gov’t Funding, Fed Liquidity, Treasuries, Mortgages). And then, (2) Private which consists of pretty much everything else.

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