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Unleashing Iran; Collateral Threats

An ascending China is creating an entirely new level of instability in many areas most notably and the more immediate being the apparatus of Foreign Policy. It is entirely relevant to understand that the asymmetric threat that China represents should be considered as a product of the following:

  1. Predatory financial interests (of the West) with a global appetite.
  2. Weak/Feckless Political Operatives acting on behalf of Financial Interest neither of whom understand the history of the organism(s) they are dealing with or the punishing consequences of their actions.
  3. Failure to understand the importance of maintaining sound and sustainable domestic economic policy. And,
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Points of Departure But No Escape!

The U.S. Election is already being viewed, around the world, as the “formal end” to the idyllic ambition of self-governance; the ultimate manifestation of Benjamin Franklin’s great fear that the People were incapable of doing what it took to “keep it,” to preserve the charities of Liberty.

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Pandemic: A Cover for a Cashless Transformation?

Major shifts, often seismic in nature, in social order have always been preceded by some tumultuous events, threats of war used as a social lubricant for flipping public opposition, financial collapses triggered to expand/protect financial influences and interest, economic collapse used to expand government control or shift or affect economic rewards, assassinations (including attempts) used to expand police powers, terrorist claims used to restrict movement and so on. Interesting though is that there has yet to be a case were expanded authorities or economic interests, war or surrendering of personal liberties have ever prevented or limited a nascent threat; yes indeed, the war to end all wars seems (always) to be beyond the reach of the next promise.

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Benevolent China – Korean Unification?

The Korean peninsula is, by far, the most refined example of mankind at its predatory worst. The race to lay waste to the sovereign identity of an entire culture seems to have an alure so powerful that no rational mind seems capable of opposing it.

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G7:Meeting and Understanding the Structure of Generational Waste

Yes of course! Merkel (Germany), Macron (France) and Trudeau (Canada) should be unsettled by President Trump wanting to carve-out a new trade structure, after all, since the end of World War II, the U.S. has bent-over backwards to resuscitate these Post-War Economies. The problem is that although the injection of inflationary monetary policies may have awakened their capabilities it will never, on its own, keep them alive and these Heads of State, and I’m speaking specifically of the EU and Canada, need the U.S. to help keep their social experiments, their Corporate Elite afloat. The Opposition-Press, by its insistence that the President has somehow offended our Allies, has once again injected its signature hyperbole into an issue it is ill prepared to intelligently discuss, for now however let’s leave it at this: One must understand that the public friction demonstrated by Ms. Merkel and Mr. Trudeau is not over national (public) interests but Corporate Financial/Economic Interests. In effect what the global-elite has accomplished is to have imbedded a fiat monetary policy concealing within it an incrementally expanding global trade policy built on the theory of comparative-advantage, the idea that some States perform certain things/tasks more effectively than others, ignoring the fact that this notion on its own serves to imbalance the equation whilst ignoring the fact that there are certain components of the “viable trade equation” that must ultimately achieve balance if they are to work; as it is (presently) we just blow them up and call it a recession/depression. Think of it this way: the U.S. may have an exemplary capacity for consuming things however for the scheme to work if it must also have a self-multiplying capacity to offset the drain, the ability to produce wealth from which it draws funds from to pay for its consumption, it doesn’t of course and therein lies the problem. In short order, nothing you are told that works the way it should works at all!

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