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Vesting in Disorder

One of the most remarkable aspects of Mankind is that while he may appear and at time can be quite cunning, in truth, he’s actually quite predictable. Yes, the tranquilizer of deception is quite diverse and while we often mask our intentions with multiple forms of deception however with a measured dose of willingness these attempts can be overcome, the veil can be pierced.

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Chaos Induced Ignorance

Whether it’s the sign of the times or simply the convergence of disparate interests one thing is for certain: I’m being reminded of the importance of remaining true to the better part(s) of our nature for this reason I make a point of reciting the following verse no less than twice per day:

“Challenge, heartily, the chaos induced by ignorance. Oppose with all means available any order that insists on maintaining or establishing a (new) status quo. Yours is not the destiny held in bondage but the perpetual discovery of unlimited capacity; this will not happen for any One confined to or bound by the disparate pitch of darkness. I refuse to participate in any practice that fails to feed me forward.”

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