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Whose Mess Part 3

The Resolution

I’ve struggled with how best to compose this,  the last offering in this series so much so that I’ve had to re-work the composition no lest than eight times.  Seems there’s so much more to say and, accounting for the desire to not publish a manuscript,  I’ve had to severely edit the piece.  My only worry of course is that it doesn’t quite deliver the “punch” I intended.  In other words, an item looses its identity when it no longer resembles itself.  Let’s just move on!

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Whose Mess Part 2

First,  so that we’re all on the same page,  an excerpt from “Part 1”:

“Over the past many months much has been “pressed” on the subject of the “Mortgage   Crisis in America”.  This conversation will continue for many more months if not years so don’t look for the dialogue to end any time soon.   To aid in the process fueling this great confabulation I’ve decided to put pen to paper and start my own commentary so prepare yourself for a 3 Part series on the subject which I’ve blithely titled “Whose Mess is This Really?”

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