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Fund a Broken System?

 The many faces of the political argument surround Monetary Policy makes identifying the core issue virtually impossible unless and until of course one realizes that the core issue is purely political mixed with an equal measure of intellectual dyslexia. 

All sorts of sordid affairs and mixed intentions are at work attempting to clutter the various targets of conflict; deficits vs. budget, budget vs. entitlement, entitlements vs. debt and so on.  Not unlike the causal forces that stirred action toward bailing out the “to big to fail,” the same rush to errors in judgment are peaking into the view of many who also believe the U.S. Government is also to big to fail. All of which leads me, once again, to the very same question I posed at that time:  Why fund a broken system? 

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Dynamics of the Flaw

 To set the stage for this particularly commentary I have chosen to draw on an excerpt from Volume III of the Blind Vision Series: Valor in Prosperity. For those who have read the Series, you will no doubt be familiar with this offering: 

“Conspicuous by its absence amidst the dire mantra of crafted sound bites, vague and indiscreet commentary, is the fertile interchange and color of inspired and constructive thought. It appears as if the body of our combined experience is saddled, frozen with apprehension, awaiting the final blow! 

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A Choice of Futures

“Another moment passes by and I wonder; is it time which passes in the moment or is it we who pass through what appears to be time? It matters not I suppose if in the end all suspends to nothing yet I suspect there is so much more to what is supposed and imagined that we never see. I believe it in these things which are not seen we become aware of what there is to know.  

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Curtis Greco On-Point with Jim Sandell of KDAZ

Jim Sandell of KDAZ Albuguerque, NM welcomed back Curtis Greco for a follow-up visit for a second round of the On-Point series.  In this segment Jim targets the topic “2012: Let the Games Begin” for a preliminary discussion on the dynamics of the 20 month-long Election Season now underway. It’s fast becoming an audience favorite for its brisk interchange and its surgical approach to a Hot Topic. Sit back and listen in to this Re-Cast of another solid Jim Sandell interview.

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All Aboard! Destination: Misdirection

To all great intentions there lie a shadow of alternate purpose; one which conceals itself but not by its nature. It is only the silent hand that observes and moves about the actions of another waiting, cloaking its maneuvering until such time it moves to make intentions its own. The process is the companionship of cross-purposes; the divisiveness of intention once your own, now adverse to yours. 

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