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Bob Conners of WTVN Radio, Columbus, Ohio – Job Recovery

Bob Conners’ is a completely on target host; probative and engaging! Our visit centered on the dynamics of the economic environment required to generate a national recovery. It was an extraordinary opportunity to break-in to a strong market that has seen deep-cuts in their economic engine and I am most grateful for Bob’s willingness to explore a conversation that needs to be had!

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A View to Economic Predation

I speak, write and comment frequently on economic issues using the perspective of both history and economic fundamentals as a compass for repairing the U.S. Economy.  I believe this method is the most valuable way to approach the subject particularly when looking at the economic conflicts and financial challenges that surround most Americans. Let’s take a quick look at one of these perspectives:

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Thanksgiving for Contrasts

It was Thanksgiving Day circa 1968 my family and I were at a relative’s home. I was sitting with a group of my cousins as my Uncle David, as part of the dinner blessing, began to poll each of us; “…tell me, what are you thankful for?”

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Rosemary Altier of WJNL Radio, West Palm Beach – On the Horizon

Broadcast: November 24, 2010

This event was my first visit with Ms. Altier of WJNL Radio.  The segment is an off-air n interview that will be used for scripted broadcast content (“fill”) and not intended for a “live” broadcast, still it has excellent content and is worth the listen. The interview consists, initially, of a personal “bio” then on to the motivations behind the 3 Volumes of the Blind Vision Series.  We touched lightly on political, job creation strategies and general economic outlook.  Ms. Alteir is a fabulous interviewer, measured and deliberate; I look forward to future visits.

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Chris Conner of Fox Radio Roanoke – The Economy of a Nation

Broadcast: November 21, 2010

Yet another installment of the On Point Series broadcast on Fox Radio with Host, Chris Conner.  In this segment Chris demonstrates his keen sense of the critical state of the Nations Economy as he directs probing observations my way. The conversation acutely observes the correlation between the State of California’s economic collapse with that of the Nation. His tireless effort in exposing issues of significance is an extraordinary gift to his audience.

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