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Equipping The Enemy on Departure

The ruse of the Biden Administrations departure, excuse me, “planned departure,” from Afghanistan is without a doubt an exhibition, on every level, of all things inept; sadly, I fear this caliber of action is now to be expected, it is now the new order of all things Biden. Oh yes, even as the Administration was in the midst of their “planned withdrawal” they continued sending military equipment to Afghanistan. Yes, the Administration latest policy, Equipping the Enemy on Departure, leads the exodus with (first) a near complete draw-down of Military Personnel followed by leaving behind an estimated 15,000 Americans (not to mention Afghans who provided strategic services to the U.S.) with no way out of the Country, 2000 armored vehicles, 40 aircraft (UH-60 Blackhawks, Scout Helos & Military Drones) and ordinance of unspecified quantities and varieties. Can you imagine the delight of the Chinese and the Russians, both eager to make playmates of the Taliban, upon their discovery of this cash-crop in U.S. Military Hardware. This is right up there with the Obama Blunder that left the highly secret Stealth Black Hawk Helo in Bin Laden’s Pakistani compound and long enough for the Pakistani Government to arrange for a full study and selective collections of components by both Chinese and Russian Intelligence operatives. The day will come, and you can expect it within the next 18-20 months, that the U.S. will suffer from the effects of its own weaponry.

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