Blind Vision Series

We Hold These Truths

CURTIS GRECO draws on the wisdom of his favorite historical figures, including, of course, Thomas Jefferson. But at this critical point in our national history, his emphasis is less on perfecting those ideals than on protecting them; or, even more bluntly, keeping them from being actively undermined. Grecos concern that our present political and economic course is leading our nation and its people away from its founding principles will resonate with anyone who loves this country and wants to restore its promise.

Value Given Value Received

VALUE GIVEN, VALUE RECEIVED, the second volume of the three part Blind Vision series, is a critical extension of the fundamentals Curtis Greco presented in We Hold These Truths. The introductory volume of this series. Using the language and subject of economics and his own history, this book grapples not only with the question, What is freedom? It also explores freedoms natural extension; a citizens personal industry. Greco brings a fierce urgency to his thesis that far from being dreadfully tedious or boring, economics and money are, in reality, intensely personal
and relevant issues. Among the subjects covered are simple economics, monetary policy, the practice of money (including the dangers of a fiat money system), prospects and proposals for the future, and a lively discussion of the virtues of an old-fashioned gold/silver standard. As in We Hold These Truths, every position Greco advances draws from the fundamental principles upon which America was founded.

Valor in Prosperity

The final volume of Curtis Creco’s three-part Blind Vision series, Valor in Prosperity asks and answers the question, Why valor? A fierce believer in the ideals embodied in the documents of our nations founding, Mr. Greco brings that passion to bear in his spirited defense and clear evocation of capitalism and free markets. While decrying the direction our country is going, Mr. Greco never gives in to despair. He writes that effective change must start at the local and state levels of government, and warms that elected officials must become accountable to the people whom they represent. Further, the two-party system currently tyrannizing the country was never Constitutionally mandated and will have to be disabled, allowing a viable third party to arise – chaotic as the process will certainly be. The many systemic problems in the country have been metastasizing for years, notes Greco, but no matter how formidable it seems, each problem can be addressed, and each can be resolved.