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The Numbers Lie

“And then, something that once was, once altered has now become something else.”  

The tablature of musical arrangements animates a distinct set of tones strategically arranged to orchestrate a melody one that when played, produces a predictable tune.  Anyone with a talent for music expects that when they play this arrangement, they will reproduce the same tune. However, change one note, one phrase or meter and the piece and the effort becomes something entirely different. 

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Curtis Greco visits with host Karen Sebey of WSKV Radio’s Nice to Know Series!

A classic news magazine show complete with a broad range of topics and issues that will be familiar to every American; you deal with each every day.  Ms. Sebey expresses her unique passion for all things American in a uniquely warm and inviting way; it’s not unlike sitting down for a visit with a close friend.  It’s that good!

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The Hu Doctrine

The passage of time will need to record a far greater measure of future events to ultimately determine the durability of China’s standing amongst the nations of the world; though the current regime has only been in place since the late 1940’s, the maturation process of the Chinese culture can be traced back well before 7000 BC. It has weathered a variety of internal conflicts, dynastic rule, the British imposed addiction of its population through the point-of-a-gun opium trade, the marauding Japanese and the open brutality of political oppression to name but a few. 

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Andy Hooser of KIUL Mid-America & Curtis Greco – The Politics of Elitism

In this segment Andy Hooser drives the conversation on an important issue; the caustic growth of Political Elitism. A content-filled segment that is sure to rank high on his growing audience’s list of favorites.  Take a listen, this visit might make your Favorites List as well.

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Mike Miller of WIMA Radio & Curtis Greco talk China – The Hu Doctrine

The current edition of what may become a regular contribution to the Mike Miller Show on WIMA, Lima, Ohio.  A super topic that continues to be largely ignored by the national media – not here!  Excellent content on a subject American’s need to pay close attention too!

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