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Immigration Bias Fractures Principal

“When none seek to converge on the ideal, what becomes the outcome is none but the inevitable curse of bias intentioned advantage.”  

 And so, you have the politics of divisiveness being predictably and artfully articulated not from the position of the “ideal” but solely from the position of “advantage”.  

Case in point:  Mr. Obama, as well as several members of the House and Senate, weigh in with heavy-handed demagoguery assailing the sovereign rights of the State of Arizona labeling their efforts as “divisive” and “reckless”.  Several California Officials having gone so far as to make the claim that Arizonans are “bigots” and “racists” tendering such infantile matters of recourse such as suspending business with or boycotting the State of Arizona.   Then of course, there is the inevitable scourge of objections conspicuous by the media sound-bites memorializing the “well-meaning and spirited” public.  This practice is patently disingenuous and shameful.  

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WiNiP – Mirror & Moments v4.10b

What I Noticed in Passing…. 

“Take care one must consider, each step becomes a pattern engaging some to follow. Inviting is the outstretch hand that reaches to aid another; our actions blaze a pattern giving life to all that follows. To mirror me or I to you, then and if you will, imagine for yourself what at once becomes of we. Pause and take not lightly what duty yet becomes and though distant may be the moment ones imprints purpose may reveal, all become the seed of that which shapes the footprint and the hand a moments shyness may conceal.”   

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Banking Drives the Markets

As any casual observer will note, there is a great deal of commentary afloat regarding financial reform however conspicuous by its absence is any measure of meaningful and strategic discourse.  Interesting as the subject may be, still behind the political chicanery of Democrat vs. Republican are the respective interests working both sides of the aisle toward a predetermined goal.  Course Title: Political-Economics 101 – American Style! 

I coined a rather unique phrase for this process and I discuss the concept at great length in the Blind-Vision 3 Volume Series; the concept to which I refer is Legislative-Coercion.  It’s a wonderful process whereby influential forces craft a preferential outcome through the use of the legislative process. 

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WiNiP – The Optimist v4.10a

“The march is on, oblivion! The shapeless void has no boundaries, formless as it is, still marks its destination. The call it chides, the ranks they file below the pennant as they reply, too few object.  In solitude, one voice can seem as silence, when none are left to listen.”  

Curious and interesting bit of prose!   

This past week I was at a small gathering, a nice group of folks and most came to join in the conversation, one individual had a copy of We Hold These Truths in her hand and ask me if I would sign it – I don’t think I’ll ever get used to it, I find myself looking around thinking, “Maybe she means someone else!”  And then she points to the name on the cover and say, “…isn’t that you?”  Well,…ah, why yes, I guess it is!  

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Israel – The Manufacturing of Crisis

Global hegemony is a nasty and complex affair.  It requires constant maneuvering and adaptability in order to manage the massive inertial forces that compound from the mutations of opposing forces – and it is these opposing forces which ultimately doom the process to failure.  Thus the nature of all megalomaniacal forces – hubris always believes it can overcome the law of inevitable consequence, which, of course, is the very weakness or causal force that is the single most critical pathogen. 

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