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Curtis Greco visits with Andy Hooser of KIUL Radio In Kansas.

Andy Hooser of KIUL Radio in Kansas chats with Founder, Curtis Greco. An insightful look at the politics of conflict! A sharp host with an Issue Driven show.

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Louis, Denise & Bobby of WPLZ, Chatanooga host Curtis Greco

Louis, Denise & Bobby of WPLZ, Chatanooga host Curtis Greco for a closer look at the Restoring Honor Rally held in Washington, D.C. this past weekend.

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Restoring Honor, Simply Speaking!

Although the national media is consumed with news of further economic losses, the President and Congress shredding of public confidence and the multitude of other distractions, this past weekend Glenn Beck and Sarah Palin, in a “non-political” event at the Washington Mall, still managed to command attention and simultaneously send (even) Rev. Al Sharpton into apoplectic shock! Not an easy task.

What must there be in a “message” so alluring that it is able to capture the interest of so many people, regardless of what side of the fence they stand? I believe that the events of this past weekend can be compressed in to two distinct observations at the core of each, possessing a rather compelling relationship with the other. They are as follows:

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3 Americas & Fewer Options

This past Monday, August 23rd, I had an extraordinary opportunity to visit with Pat Campbell for a “live” interview.  He’s a formidable talent and host of his own talk-radio show on 1170 KFAQ in Tulsa, Ok. He was supremely gracious in extending me an invitation to visit with him and to pitch the Blind Vision Series but more importantly, we were able to spend a few moments discussing critical issues affecting each and every American.

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Sergio Sanchez of KURV with Author Curtis Greco

ON AIR for a quick visit with Sergio Sanchez of KURV in Brownsville, Tx. He’s a commited American, catch him on YouTube! If you missed the “in market” broadcast or “live stream”, catch the “recast” here!

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