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“Even when we fail it must never be forgotten that it is in the effort applied that we discover the purifying comfort of resolve.”

Curtis C. Greco, Founder

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The Dangers of Familiar Narratives

“There are two ways to make a revolution, One can fire at the opponent with machine guns until he recognizes the superiority of those who have the machine guns. That is the simplest way. One can also transform a nation through a revolution of the spirit, not destroying the opponent, but winning him over. We National Socialists have gone the second way and will continue on it. Our first task in this ministry will be to win the whole people for the new state. We want to replace liberal thinking with a sense of community that includes the whole people.”

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Blinded By the Politics of Correctness

At some point, so goes my hope, the American People will find a way back to their common ideal however in order to do so we will need to face a most regrettable truth. The moment an Individual is elected to Public Office, with rare exception, is also the last unobstructed moment of their allegiance to those whose votes place them in office. How do we know this? It is quite simple because all you need to do is to consider how routinely politicians cast their votes along party line and then look at how their votes compare with their respective states positions (polling) on the very same issues; sixty-three-point nine percent of the time (since 1990) a member of the House and/or Senate will cast a vote inconsistent with that of their electorate.

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Donald Trump White House Statement!

At the President stated; “This may be the most important speech I will every make.”
The fact that this “release”, by the White House, the OFFICE OF THE PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES, was not picked up by one single News Agency is absolutely terrifying!

To watch the Presidents entire speech, click HERE.

Whatever your political vector or vent you should be very concerned about the type of influences that can express this level of control over any Election in this Country and, it goes without saying, the media as well.

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Happy New Year 2018!

At each ending appears an option, a New Beginning. In the end one ultimately arrives at the defining cross-road; do I dare the seemingly impossible or do I surrender. The great ruse of mankind is to believe there is a middle ground, that there is a state of sufficient, acceptable or consensus: they don’t exist, they’re only illusions of the human mind set about to anesthetize the individual into believing both that arrival is unnecessary and effortless. In the animal/human kingdom stasis is simply not feasible, it’s not real.

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