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Jim Sandell of KDAZ On-Point with Curtis Greco

Curtis Greco’s On-Air visit with Jim Sandell of 730 Am KDAZ Albuquerque, NM received high marks for its in-depth and On-Point review of Mr. Obama’s Middle-East Policy. Jim Sandell’s demonstrates an incredible willingness and effortlessly teases a breadth of conversation that far too often is rarely explored to the level and depth required.  Definitely worth your time.

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Governing of a Government

 Over the past few weeks I’ve been meeting a fairly steady demand for On Air analytical-commentary. Seems the Middle-East miss-adventures are beginning to stir the public conscience and by well it should. George Washington’s Farewell Address is a pretty darn good read if one is interested in the clarity of a near apostolic form of vision particularly on the subject of foreign entanglements and their affects upon domestic preferences. 

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The Elite Robber-Baron

Implicit in the mind of a predator is the belief in the ideal of no-contest. In effect it becomes an undeniable amassing of overwhelming hubris that when merged with a willing accomplice effectively licenses conquest of any target of imagination. In the Blind-Vision Series I referred to a variant of this process as Legislative-Coercion.  

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Perpetual Crisis Syndrome

Ever present in the mind is the native ambition of what I often refer to as a Cause Worth Perfecting. A simple yet profound motive force that compels one to pursue outcome, to persist through seemingly impossible odds, to navigate through even the most basic torsional forces creating friction along the path of ones intended course. 

“The appeal of purpose fulfilled illuminates the path, lifts the fallen and holds resolute the humble resolve of hope.” 

But what are we to make of a committed pestilence adverse to the notion of purpose? It seems… 

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Symptoms & Solutions

The U.S. Government continues to ignore the obvious and for many, myself included, there is increased awareness as to the financial carousel of sound-bites, their obvious cross-purposes and the consequent veil that shrouds both the Symptoms & Solutions.  

  • One day the Markets are up and yet at the same time the Dollar Plunges on world-exchanges whilst the crusade of speculators plunder the Commodities and Futures Markets driving the economic nail of spiraling costs through the heart of the American Public’s diminished reserves. The later, by the way, facilitated by Messrs. Frank and Dodd and their still-born exercise-in-plunder, the Wall Street Reform Bill, which further expanded the terrain and openly licensed this process of predation.  
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