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Impeachment – Broadcasting Despiration Politics!

No surprises here; the Democrats earned their failure in the most hopelessly tragic way possible; instead of working to draw a positive distinction on policy the drew instead upon the parallel of desperation distinguishing themselves by the extremes of mockery and barbaric stupidity. The fact that not one single Senate Democrat broke ranks in deference to the U.S. Constitution illustrates just how calculated their remarkable spinelessness is.

It’s patently clear, the Democrats used wet-paper-plate standards and by doing so handed the Republicans a certain victory. Hell, even the most thallic politician of all (perhaps ever), Mitt Romney (R-UT), couldn’t manage to step away from his brooding and terminal whimpishness to even approach, not even remotely, a selfless act of courage or observable act of character.

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Legitimizing the Illegitimate:

It is, or at the very minimum it should be, concerning that the continuation of the Impeachment Process is suspending if not outright defeating a fundamental and irrefutable truth: Having no single crime identified or otherwise supporting or appending either of the recorded Articles of Impeachment the entire process is moot if not unceremoniously unconstitutional. This is known and has been established as an undeniable fact.

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Bolton Smiling But Has He Stepped Beyond His Gate!

The former Ambassador’s a very sharp blade; he’s had years of swimming about the trough of government-eeze and he’s studied well so one shouldn’t expect that he’s looking to bludgeon Trump for the circumstances the led to his dismissal or even the manner in which the President drop-kicked him thru the exit door. He may think about and celebrate the imaginary thrill of seeing the President squirm like a crushed tube of Colgate or having to kneel at the lie-soaked heals of Adam “Cain” Schiff-Pelosi but in the end the American Patriot in him would never allow the scaring of his affections or his own legacy; even more, for Bolton, well known for his often hyper-hawkish behaviors, understands well the price for violating the integrity of his Executive-level duty. Believe me, he knows that it’s massive!

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Schiff, Nadler & Pelosi’s New American Democracy Doctrine:

Interference, by the American Voter, with the election process will not be tolerated!

Only the self-anointed has jurisdiction over such matters.

At some point I do believe we should insist that the dilutional processes must end.

Curtis C. Greco, Founder

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Open Wide Insert Lie: Dems Press Fraud!

Well, the House Managers, to a person, are proving that if you repeat the lie often enough you can sell the smoke without the flame. How does questioning and/or investigating the suspicious and scurrilous activities of an elected official and his child, the kind specifically identified by the Obama Administration as being highly questionable and unethical, amount to a coverup by the Trump Administration?

“…gassed with the lie they openly hope to be true.”

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