Blind Vision Series

“Nobody does a better job than Curtis Greco of illustrating the power and the beauty of democracy.”

-Pat Williams, SVP Orlando’s Magic, author of Nail it! And Daly Wisdom

“In Curtis Greco’s new book, you’ll find out why having the right to vote is just the beginning, and why organizations who promote voter education and engagement are so important for preserving the bedrock of what makes America great for generations to come.”

-Chrissy Faessen, Rock the Vote

“Greco is the megaphone from which our founding fathers are screaming ‘please stop this madness’… Every American should read these books!”

-Todd Zaugg, Founder, Matrix Achievement Group


“A simply brilliant performance.”

-Denny Schaffer, Radio Host, WGKA, Atlanta

“Greco provides visionary solutions for the daunting challenges our nation is now facing. Americans need to join the conversation now to propagate badly needed, swift reforms.”

-Austin Hill, Talk Show Host, Columnist