• To Invite original and provocatively inspired thought and discourse relating to a variety of Individual, Political and Economic issues of the day, viewing each through the filter of Thomas Jefferson’s “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their creator with certain unalienable rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness.”
  • To Engage in focused action toward accelerating perfecting of the Human Condition by conveying the message that We are all part of a Life Changing Experience the outcome of which resolves to our Individual commitment and sense of higher purpose and duty.
  • To Promote the notion of The Imperfect Messenger Foundation as a forum for the Inspired thought which when held in Silence, has no Audience. Our belief is that the Message, when Perfect, remains so no matter The Imperfections of its Messenger.

The Imperfect Messenger Foundation and the Blind Vision Series invite provocative discourse relating to a variety of Political, Economic and Individual imperatives

CURTIS GRECO is the founder of The Imperfect Messenger Foundation and author of the three book series called Blind Vision.  He is equipped to speak on a wide variety of topics related to the economy, politics, the current Tea Party and the growing Tenth Amendment Movements.  He brings a unique and informed perspective to any discussion.

Greco is devoted to lifelong learning and is an avid student of American History, Philosophy, Theology and Classical Studies.  His professional background includes experience working with the Federal Government doing asset liquidation during the Savings and Loan Crisis of the late 1980’s.  His interest and involvement in real estate finance and economics blossomed after this period and is at the cornerstone of his three book series.

The Blind Vision Series is a strategic response to the growing discord between the American people and their government.  His commentary includes historical and contemporary references, as well as personal observations.  He invites readers to engage in evaluating whether or not government can be the ultimate benefactor, as the forefathers intended, and whether or not the original ideals have faded into obscurity.

He argues that the government no longer feels obliged to honor the social contract set forth in the Constitution and that the American people need to assert their Inaliable Rights, above all else, particularly individual party agendas.  Greco attributes many of the nation’s current troubles to the division that has arisen as a direct result of the two part system and rejects categorization himself.

Curtis Greco is an engaging speaker, successful business man and writer.  He has spent 13 years in professional public accounting and 20 years in real estate sales, development and finance.  He currently resides in Santa Rosa, California with his wife and two children.